Friday, May 18, 2007

Journalism, or creative writing? You tell me.

The journalism surrounding two roaming dogs in Toronto has me howling with laughter. Read the Toronto Sun's article here, and the CityTV report here. They're penny-dreadful quality.

"Salivating, with its teeth out". I have a mental image of a dog pulling out its dentures. What was this dog, the Hound of Lansdowne and Dundas? Check out the picture of the me, that's a mutt, not a Rottie or a "pit bull". Could be a Rottie/lab mix; labs are notorious for their prey drive, which would account for the dead cats.

For reasons unknown to me, CityTV ran a poll on "should pit bulls be banned" with a story about roaming mixed-breed dogs, and sneakily split the "no" vote into three sections while leaving the "yes" vote as one. We noticed. We are not amused.

Think about how safe our society really is, when a roaming dog draws headlines, brings out the police and causes lockdown of a school. I'm more concerned about the roaming pedophiles, psychopaths, sociopaths, rapists, junkies, drug dealers and lousy drivers.

I'm fascinated by how the dogs morphed from Rottweilers to Rottweiler mixes to "pit bulls" over the course of a day. Geneticists should be flocking to the city to study the one dog that was captured, to see how it changed breeds.

There is no evidence that there were two dogs...that the dog(s) killed the cats....or of any bite or attack on humans.

The dog they captured seems to have been exhibiting fear and stress, typical reactions of a dog accustomed to a small environment (probably kept in a backyard) and suddenly loose in a large, unfamiliar environment. Typical dog behaviour, manipulated for the sake of an article and misinforming the public which does not, for the most part, understand dog behaviour.

I think certain aspects deserved ink and didn't get it.

The cat owners deserve a swift kick in their nether regions for being stupid and letting their cats roam. Cats left outdoors usually live short, brutal lives; the end of these cats' lives prove it. Cats do not belong outdoors.

The dog owners deserve a swift kick in their nether regions for being stupid and letting their dogs roam. The owner's stupidity will probably result in the one captured dog being euthanized.

Once again, humans are at fault, the cats paid with their lives and the dog(s) will die. And there's nothing to stop the stupid humans from getting more cats or dogs.

But boy oh boy, I bet sales of the Sun went up. Why else would they use "pit bull" in a headline about roaming mutts? Media hysteria sells.


AuntieEstablishment said...

Some 'rottweiler'.

Pretty unhappy-looking dog though, I feel sorry for him.

If that IS the dog in question, I mean. You never know with the media.

Jamie said...

Ok,I`m waiting for the punch line,someone to yell April fools or something along that line.Is this legit?
"We were able to corral one of them in a backyard in the area, salivating and his teeth were out."
I also had a vision of this poor dog having forgotten his teeth in a jar beside his bed.

I think this is ultra vires the Toronto police force.I really do think it`s time to call in either William Petersen(Original CSI) or David Caruso(CSI Miami).
Also I would like to mention that the dog in the photo looks a lot like Tupper(My Lab) when she first wakes up in the morning.I would like to offer her up for questioning.
I`m hoping that in your next blog that you are going to tell me that these 2 reports are fake.If not,then these 2 media outlets need to be reported somewhere,somehow,to someone.

Marjorie said...

Their teeth were out, huh? Damn irresponsible dog owners! If only they'd teach their dogs to keep their teeth nicely retracted, like I do mine. Sure, gumming their food is hard for my dogs, but it's a noble price to pay to keep skittish neighbours calm in their presence. One day, we'll all hold hands and welcome my dogs to catch a frisbee with their teeth. Oh what a wonderful day that will be for all! ;-)