Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ontario Liberals to open province's books

HAHAHAAAAA. I find this political ploy hugely amusing, in light of the Liberals' shabby refusal to provide the public with the cost of its vague, shoddy and unjust amendments to the Dog Owners' Liability Act. The Liberals refuse to open the books on a matter that would probably be embarrassing, but trumpet opening the books when it is potentially to their advantage. Can anyone say, hypocrisy?
Over on Caveat, a reader wrote to say that on Legal Briefs, which I think is a CityTV or CP24 show, the reader called in and asked Lorne Sossin, a constitutional judge, for his take on this refusal.He said that he disagrees with this type of refusal where they hide behind client/solicitor privilege and other things.He said the if the government is going to pass laws and use taxpayer money to do it then they need to be able to justify it and be open and transparent. I couldn't agree more.
Then again, in the years since the Ontario Liberals came to power - and that's a deliberately chosen phrase, they do not responsibly govern but wield power rather aimlessly - I have not seen any evidence that the Ontario Liberals have any plan for governing this province and are obstructionist rather than transparent. They leap from issue to issue, flailing about, governing by crisis control and photo op potential.
The McGuinty Liberals are not what Ontario residents need and deserve. I'm going to work very hard to see them all turfed out in October.

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