Saturday, April 28, 2007

Governments tightening the noose around our necks

Sue-Ann Levy of the Toronto Sun does a good job of explaining Toronto city council's latest folly, removing a consumer's choice...

This may seem minor, but when combined with all the ban, restrict, tax out of existence legislation that the McGuinty Liberals and the Miller city council have passed, it leads to the frightening scenario that we have less and less choice, fewer and fewer rights.

Complacency is the enemy of democracy.

We'd better start screaming at our elected representatives (who seem to have forgotten that they represent the people, not their own agendas), and remember at the polls how the Ontario Liberals and Toronto city council are legislating us into severely restricted lives, taking away our choices one by one by one.


Frequent_Flyer said...

I'm not sure I follow what the lunatics at S*itty Hall are up to here.

You can take a taxi but not a limo to the airport?

You cannot take a taxi or a limo to the airport?

Sue Ann's story doesn't explain it very well.

Or, I've finally been driven frothing mad by megalomaniacal politicians.

Anonymous said...

Contact your city councillor, get the councillor to explain it to you, then start yelling.

You can find your councillor by your street address or by finding your location on a map.