Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Just because the Saudis sabre rattled at a CANADIAN broadcaster....

...and the broadcaster, CTV, has caved (more on that later)....

I present with pleasure the EthicalOil.org advertisement.

Take it viral, make it universal.

Argue amongst yourselves about ethical vis-a-vis oil, the oilsands, the environment, blah blah. Enjoy your right to free speech while you can.

What enrages me right now is the attempt of a foreign body to muzzle Canadians.

More on all this later...my head is about to explode. I really, really want to know what Canadian law firm took on the job of interfering with the Canadian Charter right to free speech.

In the meantime....

I exercise my right to NOT watch CTV until it grows a pair and runs the ad.


Anyone remember when in 2004 McGuinty wanted to put shari'a law into Ontario law? Until (as rumour has it) a few female cabinet ministers finally stood on their hind legs and said "Nay"?

A quote from then has McGuinty saying, “There will be one law for all Ontarians”. Well, he's just full of it, since he and his government legislated thousands of law-abiding dog owners into second-class citizenship based not on their actions but on the appearance of property they own - their dogs.

CTV, McGuinty and Ontario Fiberals:
I divorce thee.
I divorce thee.
I divorce thee.

Let's hope it sticks with McGuinty and his Fibs.


selkie said...

so glad to see this - I was blown away by this yesterday and was shocked when I posted on facebook that NO ONE seemed to find it worth discussing! I am OUTRAGED.

Anonymous said...

I am astounded that this is not front page news everywhere. Where have the media gone????