Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Help the Toronto Humane Society

Hat tip to Pound Dogs for the info, which I'm cheerfully cutting 'n pasting. Pound Dogs is a great blog.

From Pound Dogs:
"The Toronto Humane Society wants to set up a low cost spay neuter clinic based on the highly efficient Humane Alliance model. During the day, the clinic will conduct pet speuters by appointment. After regular hours, the doctors will get to work on the feral cats in the city as part of the ongoing trap neuter release program.

You can help the THS build the clinic by going to the Refresh Everything site and voting for this project so they can win the $100000 to get things started. You can vote once a day and the voting ends on April 30.

More information on the THS Spay Neuter Clinic can be found on their Facebook page. "

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