Saturday, June 26, 2010

Who are the asshats threatening OSPCA staff????

According to an article in the Toronto Star, the Newmarket OSPCA cancelled an adoption blitz that was planned for Saturday after it received a stream of threats against staff.

Who are the moronic jackasses making threats? In case the jackasses don't know, uttering a threat is a criminal act and I am deeply hopeful that the police trace you and charge you.

Animals could have found homes. Are the threatening jackasses against that?
Staffers are working to find the animals forever homes. Are the threatening jackasses against that?

Where the hell were these threatening jackasses when people dumped their animals, abused their animals, tied the animals to the front door of the shelter and took off?

Nowhere. That's where.
Same place their brains are.


Anonymous said...

An adoption blitz at its Newmarket shelter, scheduled for Saturday, June 26th, was abruptly cancelled by the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) citing aggressive reactions by protesters and threats made against members of the public.
A few women stand each evening on a lonely, windswept stretch of Woodbine Avenue holding homemade signs to remind passersby of the OSPCA’s broken promise to investigate what led to an uncontrollable ringworm epidemic and the planned euthanasia of every animal in the shelter. As drivers honk in support, the women are videotaped by guards hired by the OSPCA.
Ringworm spores continue to contaminate the building and the shelter is currently being renovated.

York Region Public Health Director of Health Protection, Joe LaMarca is waiting for confirmation of the type of ringworm that resulted in the indefinite shut down of the building on May 10th. The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs confirm they are involved. The Ministry of Labour confirms orders have been issued against the OSPCA and the office of the Federal Minister of Public Safety confirms the Public Health Agency of Canada has been made aware of the situation.

Casino Rama’s Media Relations Manager Jenna Hunter confirms the casino took precautions prior to a recent OSPCA conference: “...members of the OSPCA...had all been given physician clearance to be in public well prior to the meetings at Casino Rama...” The casino confirms they consulted both a local physician and the Simcoe County Health Unit.

At a volunteer meeting held the week of June 11th, former board member Linda Weir learned “the (Newmarket) shelter had yet to be fumigated almost a month after it was emptied.”

A self funded provincial enforcement agency with extraordinary powers, the OSPCA has with its latest press release ( falsely accused and maligned those asking for a public investigation and an amendment to the OSPCA Act to permit provincial oversight. That’s bullying and it’s unconscionable and unjustified.
• Rally July 10, 2010
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Anonymous said...

Well said Social Mange! Protesters threatening people and preventing shelter animals from adoption into homes is shameful. You are guilty of the same misconduct of which you accuse others and your behaviour appears to more about vengence than concern for animal welfare.

Social Mange said...

Anonymous #1, what is your point? I read your FB page, it is unfocused and imprecise. You should also chill on the exclamation marks, you sound rabid.

I refuse to support an organization that does not tolerate debate and clearly states so.

I refuse to support an organization that denigrates the OSPCA's actions against the former board of Toronto Humane. Sounds like a personal agenda there, hmm?

I refuse to support an organization that has flaky animal "rights" quotes on its site.

If you're so upset about OSPCA euthanizing under 400 animals, you should be livid about PETA euthanizing thousands every year. What are you doing about that?

Screw your pointy heads on straight.