Monday, June 14, 2010

Toronto Humane is reopening, time to open our hearts.

The Toronto Humane Society is reopening on June 28th, you can read the press release here.

THS membership has opened back up again, and the new board is inviting participation. Read about the benefits of membership and download a membership application here.

Time to open our hearts and our wallets and bring the Toronto Humane Society back to life from the ashes. I hope to see you at THS, as a volunteer, a foster, a donor or a member.

Let's do it.
For the animals.

Addendum: I am incredibly ticked off by what appears to be gross editorial interference in a Toronto Sun article about the THS reopening. Please remember when you read anything about THS in the Sun that Peter Worthington, a big cheez at the TO tabloid, is a long-time supporter of Tim Trow. Gee, did Petey want to continue to see animals dying in agony in their cages?


Anonymous said...

Why always the sarcastic negative statements? We finally have some good news about THS. Leave it be.

I'm done with this blog.

Social Mange said...

Huh? I thought I was the vision of sweetness and light in that post.

Unless you're referring to my jab at the Sun...which was well-deserved. There should not be editorial interference in news stories.


Anonymous said...

Social Mange Keep calm and carry on! ;o)

Social Mange said...

redstarcafe, always! :-)