Wednesday, May 19, 2010

CP24 LeDrew show on May 19, 2010 and kittens to die because of THS

Update: Bob Hambley sent out a dancing-backwards communique saying that the current board would not shut down the feeding program. You can read the text of the message (and the comments) on One Bark At A Time.

I only steal from the best..and Red Star Cafe's live blogging of the CP24 show with candidates from the two slates, Faces of Change and Save The THS, is brilliant. One Bark At A Time has a short and succinct summary of the event.

Toronto Humane Society has condemned hundreds of kittens to die by shutting down the kitten feeding program. One Bark At A Time has an eloquent dissertation on this latest inhumane move by Bob Hambley and the board of THS. THS spent almost half a million dollars, probably more, on lawyers last year but can't keep a kitten feeding program going. When is THS going to be about the animals again, instead of egos?

For those who are as annoyed as my friend still is by the improper acquisition and use of THS members' e-mail addresses, I suggest a PIPEDA complaint against the Save The Toronto Humane Society slate and Sussex Strategy Group. The form is here, quite simple to complete.

Addendum: Those in the Beltline area should be aware of two hairy dogs that are severely dog-aggressive with an irresponsible owner who allows the dogs to attack other dogs. Read about it on Toronto Dog Blog. Where's the "public safety" for this dog and its owner, Mr. McGuinty & Minions?


selkie said...

just saw a craiglist posting that says THS is rethinking and will leave it up to the new Board - trying to get confirmation (currently not on the THS website, but they are not that quick to update it).

Social Mange said...

That place has more flip-flops than a beach.