Saturday, March 6, 2010

Update on Brampton

The City of Brampton has done an about-face and allowed the owners of Brittany and Rambo to visit the dogs. Unfortuantely, Mrs. Gaspar (the senior citizen whose dog was seized) was unable to visit; I can understand her pain. Read about it in the Brampton Guardian.

The City of Brampton apparently also paid a veterinarian to examine the dogs (taxpayer dollars), after refusing to allow the owners' veterinarian to examine the dogs (which would have been paid by the owners). Read about it in the Brampton Guardian.

McSquinty's proroging of the Ontario legislature kills Bill 222. For the moment. We'll be back, boys. Hey, weren't the Fibs squawking about the feds proroguing? Which side of their mouths are the Ontario Lie-berals drooling from today?

Enquiring minds ask...why are there no females heading the "power" ministries in McGuinty's government? Why is there no female Attorney General or Minister of Finance?

Good article in NiagaraThisWeek about the Lie-berals' breed-specific legislation and the fight to get it removed from the Ontario Dog Owners' Liability Act.

Hat tip to Brindle Stick for the Brampton update and the Niagara article.

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