Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Spiteful behaviour of City of Brampton makes the Sun

Jenny Yuen has more particulars on the City of Brampton refusing independent veterinian care for the "pit bulls" Rambo and Brittany. Read it here.

What is this? The City of Brampton is playing "You can, you can't, we're changing the rules on whim." Yo, Kelly Yerxa, what's the reason???!!! Are we just supposed to tug our forelocks and say, "Yes, Lord and Master, Oh Grand and Mighty PooBah"??? And the unnamed vet who works for the City of Brampton examining the animals and advising on their this the same vet who called them "pit bulls" and condemned unoffending dogs with loving homes to lonely deaths in cages???

Many people are ashamed to admit they live in BramHell now.

I'm ashamed to admit I live in the Province of Onscario.

UPDATE: Join the flyer campaign to inform people of the risk to their pets in the Province of Onscario. Print the flyer. Make many, many copies. Post it in your neighbourhood, ask your vet and pet store(s) to display it, hand it to people with "substantially similar" (four legs and a tail) dogs.

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