Friday, February 26, 2010

Far better writers than I....

Updated with Kingston protest video, Kingston TV coverage and a new article.

....are taking on the Brampton situation, the Kingston situation and the BS in BSL.

Read about it on BrindleStick, KC Dog Blog,, Chicobandido and (welcome back!) Caveat (particularly "You might be a numbnuts if..."). is doing a spectacular job of covering the Brampton fiasco. Pam Douglas is doing a a super job of researching the issues, particularly comparing the City of Mississauga's councillors voting unanimously to allow an owner to visit an impounded dog, and Brampton Mayor Fennell's weak responses to questions. Where are the Brampton City Councillors, anyway? Taking mime lessons? Lining up their post-election jobs?

Addendum: Good article in the St. Catharines-Standard.

Since the Ontario Attorney General's spokesperson is pointing to exigent circumstances as being the only way a dog can be seized without a warrant and there were none in Brampton, I think Brampton's legal department and outside counsel had better put their heads together, think hard and realize that the only way out of this morass is to return Brittany and Rambo to their owners. NOW.

Alternately, let's start a petition to get the OSPCA to investigate City of Brampton Animal Control for improper care of these dogs. Particularly since one Brampton A.C. is quoted to the effect that he is gunning for all the puppies; sounds very personal and vindictive to me. AC's refusal to allow the owners to visit and refusing to release dated pictures to evidence that these dogs are receiving decent care makes me really, really, really want to get into the shelter to see the reality of the situation. It is sickeningly reminiscent of all the impounded dogs in the U.K. who died, starved and abused, while waiting for court dates.

The same situation applies in Kingston; a woman was intimidated by Animal Control about her dog, a good dog that had done nothing wrong. Calleigh is a sweet dog who participates in dock diving; see pictures of Calleigh on MuddyPawz. Kingston city administrators had better think about their situation, cease all action against Calleigh and return her to her owner. NOW.

I wonder if the new City of Kingston website trying to attract people and investment makes mention of the City's prediliction for killing innocent, unoffending dogs. Here's a video of the Kingston protest. CKWS Television in Kingston also has video and a good sidebar.

These are not isolated incidents. There are hundreds, possibly thousands of people who have had their unoffending dogs snatched and killed. Many are women; some are seniors.

It's a reflection of how low this province has sunk that an Animal Control person can kill dogs and puppies who have done nothing wrong, terrorize people, break people's hearts and ruin lives.

Thanks, Dalton McGuinty and the sycophantic Liberals, for making Ontario into a place of terror for innocent dog owners and their unoffending dogs.

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