Thursday, February 4, 2010

Brampton (and Ontario) stupidity continues unabated

Tip of the hat to KC Dog Blog for a thoughtful article on the sudden trend towards killing animals WITH homes.

Some time ago, this author wrote a post on the human need to hate. Later on, KC Dog Blog did a post on Seth Godin's blog post, The False Solace of Vilification. Both are very interesting reads, check them out.

The Brampton fiasco is attracting more media coverage....Toronto Sun, the Globe and Mail and that Fiberal favourite, the Toronto Star.

The very fact that these articles have comments debating "are they? aren't they? they're this...they're that..." proves the stupidity of breed specific legislation. Judging a dog by its shape is as ignorant and vicious as judging a person by their skin colour.

Show some intelligence in this province (that would be refreshing). Repeal the breed specific portions of the Dog Owners' Liability Act, and order all municipalities to repeal any breed specific legislation.

A dog's shape does not determine its behaviour, any more than a person's skin colour determines their behaviour. Deed, not breed. And as always, it is the HUMAN element that should bear the greatest weight; an owner is always responsible for his/her dog's behaviour.

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