Thursday, October 15, 2009

Singing Elvis "Suspicious Minds"

I'm so suspicious of the McGuinty Liberals, I'm looking for the time bombs in the proposed Animal Health Act that was introduced in October. I"m always mistrustful of anything that refers to "as prescribed in the regulations" but the regulations aren't presented with the legislation.

Read it here, and let me know if you see any ticking time bombs in what is probably another vague and shoddy piece of Fib legislation. I see one already....

The Minister may establish and oversee the operation of a provincial traceability system for animals and specified things related to animals, and may authorize the collection, maintenance and use of information with respect to the system.

This could include dogs and authorize the release or publication of the personal information (name, address) of people who own dogs that have been falsely demonized by the McSquinty Fibs.

I'm not paranoid. They are out to get us.

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