Thursday, November 5, 2009

Demand accountability. NOW.

The City of Memphis had a shelter system that tortured animals, burying an injured live dog under the corpses of animals being sent for cremation, and starved animals to death. And in Memphis, nothing changes. The people responsible for this animal cruelty continue in their jobs as though nothing happened, one collecting almost $100K. They KNEW about this. They had been told about this, repeatedly. And did NOTHING.

Starve the fat f*ckers to death. And it still won't be justice.

Continuing story on YesBiscuit October 30, YesBiscuit November 3 , the Commercial Appeal November 3, YesBiscuit November 5

Warning: Graphic photos.

H/T to KC Dog Blog.

Side note: This could be happening in your own community, if the animal shelter or pound isn't under any requirement for transparency and accountability and no one in the municipality's bureaucracy gets off their fat arse to make sure there is.

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