Saturday, April 18, 2009

Support the challenge of an unjust and unfounded law!

Taking the challenge of the Ontario "Liberals" "pit bull" ban to the Supreme Court has brought out the usual tiresome uninformed hysterics, members of the mob carrying torches to find the monster. These rhetoric-spouting hysterics miss the point, as does mainstream media which is responsible for much of the hysteria due to its pursuit of bottom line profit.

The dogs are a red herring. This is the Ontario "Liberal" government's first attempt to gradually whittle away every citizen's Charter rights.

If the Fibs had tried this in different decades, different breeds would have been banned. German Shepherds, Rottweilers or Doberman pinschers would have been banned as they were all in turn the "monsters" of their decade.

This law makes responsible, law-abiding people into second-class citizens based on the property they own - their dogs.

If you have any care for your Charter rights and freedoms, you will support this case financially.

A note about quotes. I put "Liberals" in quotes because Dalton McGuinty and his squad of minions are about as liberal as duct tape across your mouth or cable ties around your wrists. And "pit bull" is in quotes because it's slang - verbal shorthand that is used for any stocky, short haired dog. There ain't no such thang, folks.

Here's something from the Ontario Appeals Court decision that should scare the $hit out of any thinking person:

"The Appeals Court determined that the government does not require determinative scientific evidence of dangerousness before acting."

Here's my take on that. If the government's public approval rating is falling like a stone (as was the Ontario Liberals' approval rating at the time), the government can whip up a media storm (using our tax dollars to do that) and pass legislation that oppresses law-abiding citizens, without any proof for its actions.

Ontario is not a democracy. The Ontario Appeals Court decision cemented that belief for me.

Support Banned Aid!

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Joanne said...

"The Appeals Court determined that the government does not require determinative scientific evidence of dangerousness before acting."...more confirmation that this world is run by idiots.....then what is the criteria for "dangerousness". How have we managed to let non-thinking fools into every area of our government to make these decisions on our behalf. I WANT judgments made on scientific proof...not hysterics, not unrefutted, biased, ill-conceived opinions by people who have no damn concept of what they are talking about. Reach in your pocket to protect your dog and your rights. I certainly intend to.