Saturday, March 28, 2009

PETA kill numbers - 95% for 2008

The 2008 numbers are out and PETA continues to slaughter animals. Ninety-five per cent of all animals going through PETA's doors are dead when they leave. Screw the word "euthanize", they're dead. Killed by PETA.

PETA has $32 million, and rehomed a whole seven animals. Seven. Out of thousands.

Read all about it...

Image of PETA government filing. Don't be fooled by the number in the "reclaimed by owner" category, deduct that from the total and then calculate the kill rate.

Pet Connection - article one and article two

Nathan Winograd's excellent article, The Butcher of Norfolk, and a day-earlier article on Sheltering News from Around the Country (please note, US).

Canada, take note - it's downright impossible to get shelter kill rates because of municipal and provincial government secrecy. Tell your MPP and your city councillor to get this information publicly released.

Terrierman - with a terrific graphic representation of what 95% looks like.

Centre for Consumer Freedom, which is also trying to have PETA reclassified as a slaughterhouse. Works for me. Take away their charitable status.

Thought-provoking New York Times article on whether your dog would be better off with PETA or Michael Vick.

H/T to KC Dog Blog.

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