Saturday, October 18, 2008

The stench of H$U$....

...just like the stench of PETA, is the smell of dead animals.

Floyd Boudreaux was acquitted of all charges against him. The judge found that there was no evidence of any crime.

But his dogs are still all dead. Possibly brutally murdered by suffocation by the Louisiana SPCA; Mr. Boudreaux apparently has photos of the dogs being loaded into uncooled trucks, their crates covered with sheets and boards. The dogs were dead within 24 hours of the raid on Mr. Boudreaux's property.

Why was there such a rush to kill dogs and puppies? Why weren't they kept as evidence, as the Vick dogs were, if H$U$ and the LSPCA were so convinced there was dogfighting on the property?

Hope Mr. Boudreaux runs a huge lawsuit against H$U$ and the Louisiana SPCA, and wins.

But it won't bring his dogs back to life.

Americans should be taking action to dismantle H$U$ and PETA, both of which are campaigning madly to take away pet owners' rights and seemingly stop at nothing to do it. PETA kills animals with its own hands, H$U$ does it through a third party. Both organizations should at the very least lose their charitable status. At best, they should be eliminated. Anyone who gives time or money to either organization is a moron.

Tip of the hat to Caveat and Blue Dog State.

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