Friday, August 15, 2008

BC hysteria abetted by media

A story in the BC Times Colonist indicates at first blush that the author does not agree with breed specific legislation. Deeper reading makes me think, "subliminal".

I have some bones to gnaw on with whoever wrote the article.

First, all the hysteria in BC appears to have been caused by ONE person who did not train or control his dogs. Thanks to Caveat for picking up on the dog owner's arrest. This was ONE person, apparently living out of his van, with several untrained and uncontrolled dogs. This is not mentioned in the article.

Severe dog attacks are sufficiently rare so as to be worthy of news coverage. Chew on that one for a few minutes.

It opens, "In deciding what to do about pit bull terrier attacks, our legislators must look closely at the nature and frequency of these attacks as well as their underlying causes." Yo, how about attacks by dogs of all breeds and types? During the past week, a chihuahua ripped a child's lip off (h/t to Caveat for the info)...a dog attack is a dog attack, breed is irrelevant.

The article blathers on about San Francisco and its "pit bull" ban. The worst incident in my memory is the death of Diane Whipple...caused by two non-"pit bulls" owned by two individuals (who really made my hair stand on end) who were, if memory serves, convicted of murder. There's a Wikipedia article about Diane Whipple. Bad Rap, the "pit bull" advocacy group that is doing terrific work against breed specific legislation, is located in the Bay area.

Mandatory spay/neuter is a bad thing; no one should have the right to dictate that I must submit my animal to a very invasive surgical procedure. Instead, educate animal owners (cat owners as much if not more than dog owners) about the benefits of spay/neuter and not letting one's animal roam. And for heaven's sake, provide low-cost spay/neuter in lower-income areas. Many people, especially singles and seniors, have a pet as their only friend and would love to give it better medical care, but just can't afford it.

The article also refers to a 2005 attack on a child by a dog, which the author has mutated into a "pit bull". Again, if my memory serves, the dog was a Lab mix - not a "pit bull". The referenced attack is the one I believe was on a child delivering newspapers. The author conveniently forgot to mention any of the children - three or four of them - killed by dogs on reserves. Yo, Times-Colonist, don't the aboriginal people on reserves count? Stand United has an interesting list of dog attacks from 2002 to 2005.

The article refers to "dog advocates". No, dopey, they're responsible owner advocates! Responsible, law abiding people should not be legislated into second-class citizenship because of the property they own - their dogs. Nor should unoffending dogs be killed because of their shape....or because it's politically expedient, someone's public approval rating is dropping (like the Ontario Liberals just before all the "pit bull' BS started), or someone has an unreasoning hate on.

Another faux pas by the author...."It shouldn't come as a surprise, however, if another aggressive breed, such as the Rottweiler, becomes more popular and accounts for a disproportionate level of dog attacks." Yo, dopey, there is no such thing as an aggressive breed. There are aggressive individuals within a breed, just as there are aggressive people within a particular ethnic group. You cannot label a group based on the behaviour of one or a few individuals within the group. And while we're at it, "pit bulls" are not a breed! Sheesh. The average "pit bull" is a mutt.

The article ends with "A pit bull ban, in isolation, is not the answer." So what are you suggesting should surround it? Some bullshite to distract people from the fact that law-abiding citizens are now second-class because of the shape of their dogs, and dogs will die just because of their shape?

There is some serious shite going on in BC...the home province of Mikey "Mite" Bryant, the promoter of Ontario's unfounded, unjust, vague and shoddy breed specific legislation...which makes me very suspicious of all the hysteria and torch-waving going on in that province.

Geez. Watch the mob race after the monster. Nothing like a mob mentality to make a thinking person shudder.

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Anonymous said...

Wankers all.

Don't forget Nicholas Faibish, killed by 'pit bulls' under typically sordid conditions.

I love BadRap but they supported the bill which allowed breed-specific sterilization in CA. They are opposed to AB1634, which is a good thing.

It looks as though the media in BC are pushing for a ban but nobody else is, including politicians out there.

WTF? I don't remember electing yellow rag hacks to represent me or formulate public policy. Do you?