Tuesday, May 20, 2008

More BSL bullshite

Just a few days ago, a friend's leashed dog was savagely mauled by a roaming dog.

The friend could not scare off or beat off the attacking dog, it just kept coming and coming and coming and biting and slashing.

Vet bills for the attacked dog so far are at $400.

Wanna bet the owner of the attacking dog gets a slap on the wrist? Never pays a cent in compensation to my friend?

And we'll never see an article about this attack in the papers?

All because the attacking dog was not a "pit bull".

Great public safety, there, Fiberals.

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Katie said...

I hope your friend's dog is okay. Having your dog attacked like that is so scary, no matter what breeds of dogs are involved. The dog that attacked my dog was an Old English Sheepdog. Thankfully Mushroom didn't need care beyond cleaning of the wounds and antibiotics, but it took days before my blood pressure returned to normal!