Monday, April 14, 2008

More breed discrimination - shar-pei and dobermans

An acquaintance who has bred and shown purebred dogs for almost 20 years got the following response to an enquiry about "dog camp" for her shar-pei.

"I am sorry, but due to a great deal of genetical problems in behaviour seen in the doberman and the shar-pei, I can't accept them at the camp, for reasons of safety and sens of security. Thank you for the interest in my camp, sincerely, Carole Lesage Présidente Camp Enfantset Chiens"

I think Ms. Lesage means a false sense of security. The breed or shape of a dog in no way determines its character and behaviour.

This is very sad. Anyone with meaningful dog experience knows that the owner is the final and determining factor in a dog's behaviour. And, there is absolutely no scientific basis for a claim of genetic behaviour across a breed.

This woman's statement sounds like the urban myths that the Ontario Liberals used to promote their unfounded, unjust, vague and shoddy law, which was passed by a whipped vote.

I hope Laurel Broten, proud shar-pei owner and Ontario Liberal MPP who voted in favour of the Fibs' breed specific legislation, is hearing this. According to this dog camp owner, Ms. Broten's dog is the same as the mythical "pit bull" - a genetic "ticking time bomb".

I hope that Ms. Broten personally suffers the same discrimination because of the shape of her dog as those dog owners who were voted into second-class citizenship by the Ontario Liberals...although I don't wish death on any dog, and cry for the thousands of unoffending dogs and puppies killed by the Liberals' law solely on the basis of their shape.


Caveat said...

Wow, what an ignoramus. I wouldn't let her look after my dogs, she doesn't know jack.

Yes, there can be individual dogs with behaviour problems and yes, there can be inherited disorders in dogs but that's not what she means.

Heh - is Broten your MPP? You should send her the note.

Anonymous said...