Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Frivolous (malicious?) lawsuit kills dogs' chance for rescue

Thanks to three horrid people in Tennessee, a couple and their "I am not an ambulance chaser" attorney, and their frivolous lawsuit, a good rescue has had to disband.

Read about it here.

I can't believe that the judge did not award costs against the plaintiffs, considering their actions and their attorney's lack of knowledge of the applicable law.

To quote, "William and Melinda Robinson and their attorney Michael Shipwash have done a great disservice to the homeless Malamutes and Siberians in Tennessee and the unpaid volunteers who give so tirelessly to these dogs."

So good dogs lose their chance to be rescued and will die, because of the greed of these people.

Let's hope karma kicks their greedy a$$e$ good.

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Caveat said...

What a bulls**t case. It probably wasn't even their dog but even if he was, they blew it. They wouldn't have been able to prove ownership anyway.

These people and their moronic lawyer are scum looking for a fast buck.

I don't really get why the rescue is closing though, do you?