Saturday, January 5, 2008

Make animal cruelty a federal election issue

I'm absolutely sick. According to media reports, four teens broke into an Alberta home, put the owners' cat in a microwave and cooked it to death.

Personally, I'd like to see eye for an eye justice. Put those wastes of oxygen into a microwave and cook them to death. It could only improve the gene pool.

Write the Prime Minister, the Justice Minister and your federal MP to demand that Criminal Code penalties for animal cruelty immediately be increased.

Here are e-mail addys for the PM and Justice Minister - use @ instead of (at), the (at) is to fool bots that collect e-mail addys.


You can find your federal MP by your postal code through this link.

And to give you an idea for your letter, here's mine.

Dear Sirs:

It is past time to revise the Criminal Code to provide stiffer penalties for animal cruelty. To quote the Toronto Sun of January 5, 2008, the most recent publicized incident was by four teens who broke into an Alberta home, put a cat in a microwave and cooked it to death.

This is a stunning example of mindless cruelty, and the perpetrators must be harshly punished. To take a defenceless animal and cause it such pain leading to its death is inexcusable.

I strongly recommend that you immediately amend section 446 of the Criminal Code to provide automatic jail terms of not less than five years and a lifetime prohibition on ownership of animals for persons convicted of animal cruelty in any form.

This is, to me, an election issue and my vote in the next election will depend on what you do.

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