Monday, August 6, 2007

Little Red Riding Hood's Adventures in Rental Cottage Land

I’m searching for an apartment, after more than a decade in a house, in Toronto's currently hot downtown rental market. What an eye opener.

I’ve seen places where even the roaches got disgusted and were moving out…for four figures a month.
Others where I got claustrophobia before I'd even stepped in….for four figures a month.
Some where an obviously colour-blind or tasteless person did the painting and tiling *shudder*.
One where there will shortly be a 35-story condo construction site next door (blocking the whole balcony) for more than a year...for four figures a month. Sure, I want to pay four figures for dust and noise for more than a year, as well as blocked airflow and view, sign me up.

I love the ones that say "air conditioning available"...and you find that they've chopped a hole in the wall and stuck in a window air conditioner. That is not air conditioning, that's a waste of electricity.

Hey, when did concrete become a décor item? I’ve seen more unfinished concrete walls lately.…I’m told they’re “trendy”. Ya, and cheap to build, too. No drywall, no paint. You try to hang a picture on a concrete wall, good luck unless you have a power drill and a concrete bit. I wonder whether the concrete has been properly cured, or whether it will give off some luverly fumes for a while.

I know, I’m picky, but if I’m spending so much of my disposable income on my home, I’m entitled to be picky.

Onwards and.....onwards.


Anonymous said...

Try Hamilton.

Anonymous said...

Try Hamilton and commute?

You are a crazy person *LOL*. That commute would be worse than mine is now.

Anonymous said...

Well, Hamilton has lots of jobs too, you know...just a suggestion. Toronto is out of control in many ways, including real estate values.

Hamilton is a cheap place to live and very pleasant overall.

The commute is brutal though.

Anonymous said...

C'mon, now, if I get nosebleeds above Bloor and think you need a passport to go to Yonge & Sheppard, shots and a visa must be required for Hamilton *grin*.

Anonymous said...

I used to be like that and then I got smarter...LOL