Saturday, November 10, 2007

Dis 'n dat for da week

Caveat has an excellent post on media manipulation, check out Messaging and Media.

The Centre for Consumer Freedom skewers PETA for its ongoing hypocrisy, read about it here.

KC Dog Blog has an interesting take on the "rent-a-pet" idea that's starting to show up as profit-oriented business, and how to convert that into revenue for shelters and pounds, and possibly place more "Renting man's best friend" here.

Don't know about you, but I'm heartily sick of McGuinty whining at the feds for money, Miller whining at McGuinty for money, and the two of them pointing fingers at everyone else. Earth to Dalton and David - GROW UP AND SHUT UP. Learn how to live on a budget, and cut back on expenditures when there isn't enough money. Just like perpetually harassed taxpayers must.

Yo, Dalton, how about paying attention to the fact that jobs are disappearing from Ontario by the thousands, and bloody well do something about it? Remember - fewer taxpayers, less monee, honee. Simple equation.

Final note - Milk now confuses me. I remember when it came in glass bottles, delivered to the door. Then there was 1%, 2% and whole. Decisions, decisions. Then, calcium added. Then, lactose free. Then, claims of true taste (no idea why that's supposed to appeal...if you have urban taste buds and taste milk straight from a cow's udder, you'll run screaming to the supermarket for the pasteurized stuff). Now, milk comes with Omega 3 whatevers added, and the ingredients include rosemary. Wonder how that's going to taste in a cuppa tea?

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