Sunday, September 30, 2007

This is NOT a one-issue election.

I'm going to hurl if any unthinking dope gets fervent on the topic of faith-based education again. Think, people.

We already fund Roman Catholic schools, and have duplication of administration (and costs, buildings,and so on) because of public school boards and RC school boards. The fiscally responsible and fair thing to do would be to stop funding RC schools, not fund the schools of any other faith, and provide funding only to public schools.

Ya, right, like that's going to happen. It would be political suicide regardless of how fair and just it would be. The RCs would lynch any politician who suggested it.

If funding continues to RC schools, it must be extended to schools of all faiths, provided they religiously (Hehehe) follow the provincial curriculum.

Enough of that already.

Now, on to....

Dalton McGuinty's broken promises.
Increased taxes.
Deteriorating health care. My experience....
Deteriorating public safety.
Deteriorating air and water.
No investment in public transit.
Tens of millions of dollars squandered in grants.
Anti-patronage board loaded with Fib supporters.
Liberal laws that make law-abiding residents into second-class citizens.
Liberal seizure of private property without any preceding conviction or proof of criminal activity on the part of the owner.
Liberal attempt to blur the line between church and state (Remember Dalton trying to entrench shari'a law in marital arbitration?).
Unfounded and often false Liberal rhetoric.

You want another four years of being led by the nose while your pockets are picked? Then be a dope. Go ahead, vote Liberal. Duuuuuh.

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