Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Dis 'n dat for July 3rd

Bits and scraps that must be mentioned...

1. In an article about the tragic death of a toddler allowed to wander unsupervised up to a tethered dog, read it here, the Ottawa Citizen pulled a complete nonsequitur by sticking in a paragraph about the "pit bull" ban. The same article also says, "nobody has died since the implementation of the ban". I guess the man in southeastern Ontario and the children on western reserves who died from dog attacks were nobodies to the Citizen - popularly known as the Sh*tizen.

2. In another article about the toddler's sad, unnecessary and entirely preventable death, the Toronto Star referenced an animal rights publication as its source for "facts" in an article on July 3rd. Check out the last paragraph, read it here. What, the Star couldn't afford to get real facts? The Red Star must be really sinking into the sunset if it's reduced to quoting some obscure west coast AR publication.

3. I take it the good ole' boy network still operates in Sarnia. AC makes a big splash about grabbing a mother dog and her pups on the grounds that they're "pit bulls", but does nothing, nada, zilch about a hound pack that trapped a woman in her house and savaged her cats. I can just see all the toothless good ole' boys slapping each other on the back and swigging from jugs. Hear those banjoes play. IMHO, Sarnia sucks.

4. Environment MInister and Liberal MPP (I'm gagging) Laurel Broten is apparently scaling down her garage from two stories to one. I'm not impressed. It took media pressure and public outrage for her to behave reasonably; had she behaved honourably, the entire affair would not have occurred because she wouldn't have been so self-absorbed as to ignore the devaluation she was going to cause to elderly neighbours' properties and the hypocrisy endemic in an Environment Minister installing an auto lift in her two-storey garage for whichever of her four vehicles would be in there.

5. Anyone who allows their cat to roam unsupervised and doesn't spay/neuter should be forced to sit in a shelter cage and await death at the end of a needle. Vicious morons.

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Mac and the rest of the gang said...

Does anyone know where we can get a Wolf Hybrid/German Shepherd/Rottweiler/"Pitbull"/Golden Retriever/Black lab/poodle/Jack Russel/Westie/......... mix,just in case a Liberal Candidate dares to come canvassing at our door?