Sunday, April 29, 2007

Weekly roundup

I'm being lazy tonight, a little tired from caring for the critters in my House of the Discarded. MangeDog (aka Joey) is looking much, much better, and a very kind man gave me a donation towards his medical expenses. MangeDog has discovered his voice. His loud, piercing voice. He thinks it's his duty to bark at any noise. Thank heavens, the Benadryl he's on usually puts him to sleep about half an hour after administration.
Stumpy (aka the kitten with a fracture and dislocated carpal joint, splinted and wrapped), bored after four days of cage rest, has also discovered his voice. His loud, piercing little voice. I'm rotating his brothers and sisters with him to keep him company, and occasionally letting him out for a bit of supervised movement. He's so funny to watch, such a determined little soul....the splint keeps his paw in line with his leg, the splinted leg is longer than the others, so his walk is step, step, step, swing, step, step, step, swing, to keep the splinted leg going. He wants to play so badly.

Caveat has been gardening instead of blogging, tsk tsk....

and KC Dog Blog has its usual great weekly roundup....

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