Friday, July 6, 2012

Monday, bloody Monday

Monday, July 9th will be a worldwide day of mourning for hundreds of thousands of people.

July 9th will be the day on which Lennox, a beloved family dog who had done nothing wrong, will be killed by the City of Belfast, Northern Ireland, solely because of the way he looks.

If you’re not familiar with Lennox’s tragic history, you should review the facts on

People around the world – from the UK, the USA, Canada, Brazil, Serbia and Italy, to name just a few - have joined the fight to save Lennox.

We now know that the UK, Northern Ireland and specifically the City of Belfast City Council are bereft of common sense and compassion.  The Belfast City Council's behaviour has been nothing but arrogance, caprice and malice.

      The Belfast City Council is responsible for: 
  •      Incarcerating and killing an innocent dog due to ignorance, prejudice, arrogance and viciousness;
  • -       Failing to swiftly and openly investigate allegations of perjury by a Belfast city employee in the Lennox court case;
  • -       The abuse and neglect of Lennox, as evidenced by photographs;
  • -       Refusing to allow Lennox to be rehomed out of Belfast;
  • -       Refusing to allow Lennox’s owners a last visit before his death; and, most tellingly,
  • -       Refusing to provide Lennox’s body to the owners for burial.

Belief is building internationally that Lennox is already dead, either due to abuse by the City of Belfast or a rush to kill him to hide the City’s abuse. 

Protests are planned for Belfast, New York City and other locales.  An international boycott of Northern Ireland tourism and products has started and is rapidly gaining momentum.

Why Lennox?  Why have people been compelled to try to save him?

Lennox is the only dog I know, out of the thousands and thousands that have died because of “breed” specific legislation, who has a face.  Has a name.  Had a home.  Has a loving family willing to fight for two years for him, and who took the fight public.  

He is the only face and name we have for the thousands of dead dogs killed by ignorance, prejudice and political machinations.

Lennox has become the face of “breed” specific legislation. 

"Breed" specific legislation is beloved only by the slavering, illiterate, incoherent mob bearing torches – and I include politicians and mainstream media in the mob.

Lennox, God will have mercy on your innocent soul.

But those who killed you and those who killed thousands and thousands of dogs because of ignorance and prejudice – I do not think that God will be so forgiving to them. 


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selkiem said...

this poor dog has been breaking my heart for a very long time now. I am convinced the reason there is no reprieve is either becuase they have already killed him - OR, my own feeling, the dog is in such AWFUL physical and mental shape due to the HORRIFIC conditions in which he has been kept, they KNOW that were they to release him and the truth came out, all hell would break loose. These people are BEYOND contempt and I hope that we keep the cruel, sadistic, ignorant Belfast council in the public eye for a long time. Let money talk - ruin any chance that anyone would want to vist that city