Saturday, May 2, 2009

McGuinty Fib gov't slouching towards Bethlehem?

Christina Blizzard of the Toronto Sun has been writing about how the McGuinty Liberals are gutting the Ontario health care system.

I think this Do Not Resuscitate Confirmation form my friend found must be part of the "cost cutting". Let's kill the elderly, they cost too much.

Interesting point from my chum's research - this DNR form does not appear to have been passed as part of any law. It was developed by the Ontario Palliative Care Association - has a big Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care logo on it (how can it be healthy or long-term care when the form kills you?) - but it doesn't appear to have any legal standing.

This DNR form wasn't developed for hospitals and nursing homes, but to protect paramedics. It can be signed by someone with limited medical training and no professional qualification to determine a patient's competence, no notice is given to the family, and the patient dies.

So, if your family or friends are admitted to hospital, be sure to search their medical charts and make sure someone hasn't stuck a DNR form on the person.

Scary $hit everywhere. Apparently people in the UK in their 60's are getting substandard care because they're "too old". Same thing is creeping into the system here.

What ya don't know will kill ya.