Friday, May 9, 2008

Gimme a 2X4, I want to beat somebody sensible.

The Vancouver Province wrote an ignorant and hyperbolic editorial calling for the banning of "pit bulls" guessed it....they're "ticking time bombs". Cue the sound of retching. And shame on the Calgary Herald for reprinting it.

Gimme a rhetorical 2X4. I wanna whack this editor over the head. I won't link to the editorial because I won't give the paper the eyeball traffic. Editorials should be signed with the author's name. That way, we'd know who these morons are. Somebody send this editor back to journalism school, to learn not to use trite, overworked cliches. Especially false ones. And perhaps to learn that an editorial opinion should be based on fact.

Somebody call for a ban on Labrador retrievers. I've read of three Lab and lab-mix bites in Ontario this week, all serious enough to be reported in the media, which means they're only a fraction of all Lab bites that occurred. Ban the Labrador retriever. It's a "ticking time bomb".

This editorial stinks suspiciously of Ontario Fiberal interference. I have NO trust in McGuinty, Bryant or any of the other Ontario Fibs, it wouldn't surprise me that they would try to get other provinces to sign up for their useless, unfounded, unjust "breed ban" through back-door tactics like using media sources to play their uninformed comments over and over. I truly hate the Ontario Liberals. Liberal in this province is a one-word oxymoron, and democracy is dying in Ontario.


Thursday, May 8, 2008

So much to read, so little time...

Cheating by aggregating again...

Caveat has good stuff, including a link to PETA's 2007 kill rate, which seems higher than last year's.

KC Dog Blog also has good stuff, including some info on the media. Thanks for the plug for Banned Aid.

And Pet Connection has good articles about the tragic death of Eight Belles in the Kentucky Derby.

Go forth and read. And leave a comment so the authors know you were there.