Saturday, February 6, 2010

Great turnout for BramHell protest!!!

Update: Welcome to all the visitors from around the world, from as far as Africa!!!

Update: The protest made the front page of the Brampton Guardian on February 7th, and a fuller article in the paper. Made the Toronto Sun with a video as well.

See and hear the video here....terrific turnout for a freezing cold day, the people stayed for hours. Many families who lost their dogs to BramHell's AC came to the protest and talked to the organizers. So many people have been hurt by this law and so many unoffending dogs killed, all for some wankers' political ambition.

Brampton taxpayers should be asking hard questions about why private security was hired and at what cost to "protect" the Brampton Animal Control office from peaceful protestors. Isn't there an "idling" law that should have stopped those private security people from sitting in their cars with the engines running for hours? How many animal adoptions were lost because Brampton Animal Control decided to close until noon and have its driveway blocked by private security? Does BramHell even adopt out animals, or just kill 'em all?

Mariam Mesbah, the Brampton mouthpiece, said it was for the safety of potential visitors....lady, how are "potential visitors" supposed to get in when the driveway is blocked and the shelter is closed? Respect the legislation? How can one "respect" legislation OR a city administration that rips unoffending dogs from loving homes and puts them to death???? Talk about suck and blow. The resolution is simple. Give the dogs back to their owners. Then apologize to the owners of all the other dogs BramHell has killed, and pay them restitution.

I find it interesting that Brampton keeps referencing the provincial breed-specific legislation, when Brampton has its own breed-specific legislation. It's buried in Dog By-law 250-2005.

Ignorance is curable, stupidity is not. Let's see which the city administration of Brampton proves itself to be. The McGuinty government has already proven its stripes.

Sounds like BramHell has some much bigger issues than unoffending dogs - like the huge waste of taxpayers' dollars. Check out the Toronto Sun article on the protest.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Brampton (and Ontario) stupidity continues unabated

Tip of the hat to KC Dog Blog for a thoughtful article on the sudden trend towards killing animals WITH homes.

Some time ago, this author wrote a post on the human need to hate. Later on, KC Dog Blog did a post on Seth Godin's blog post, The False Solace of Vilification. Both are very interesting reads, check them out.

The Brampton fiasco is attracting more media coverage....Toronto Sun, the Globe and Mail and that Fiberal favourite, the Toronto Star.

The very fact that these articles have comments debating "are they? aren't they? they're this...they're that..." proves the stupidity of breed specific legislation. Judging a dog by its shape is as ignorant and vicious as judging a person by their skin colour.

Show some intelligence in this province (that would be refreshing). Repeal the breed specific portions of the Dog Owners' Liability Act, and order all municipalities to repeal any breed specific legislation.

A dog's shape does not determine its behaviour, any more than a person's skin colour determines their behaviour. Deed, not breed. And as always, it is the HUMAN element that should bear the greatest weight; an owner is always responsible for his/her dog's behaviour.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Backwater of Brampton strikes again.

The City (choke, cough) of Brampton has seized a senior citizen's dog and condemned it to death. Read the Brampton Guardian article here.

Did the dog do anything wrong? No. The dog is a politically incorrect shape.

I am appalled that any jurisdiction enforces breed-specific legislation. It is unfounded, unjust, inhumane, ineffective and fiscally irresponsible. It is based on political ambition and hyperbole, not fact or science.

Is there a profound oxygen shortage among politicians in this province? Seems so. To quote Pet Connection, "a bucket of stoopid".

The City of Brampton accepted the dog license fees and the owners' breed IDs for the dogs. I wonder whether the owners have a breach of contract suit against the City of Brampton for reversing its acceptance.

Update: Apparently Brampton has delayed the dogs' executions because one owner can afford a lawyer. Hey, Brampton, how about being intelligent and fiscally responsible and not blowing taxpayers' dollars on this stoopidity? Return the dogs to their owners, dogs that have done no wrong other than be a politically incorrect shape (for this decade, anyway) and pursue the real problems in your jurisdiction.

This story has been picked up by KC Dog Blog, which means it's gone worldwide.

Addendum: Lovely new video on YouTube, Remember When. H/T to KC Dog Blog (a spectacularly intelligent and well-written blog) for the link.

Addendum #2 - Great posts on Blue Dog State about the so-called Humane Society of the United States caught in a shitestorm of its own making. Hope a lot of it lands on Wayne Pacelle's expensive suits. As well as the blood of all the dogs that HSUS has killed. Humane, my ass.