Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bill 16 takes another step forward

Bill 16, the private member's bill to remove "breed" specific legislation from the Ontario Dog Owners' Liability Act (DOLA), took one more step towards being passed when it passed second reading on February 23rd.

Now the things that piss me off.

1. Not one single frigging so-called "journalist" has bothered to read DOLA.
Not one single lame-ass media person has focused on the fact that the McGuinty Lie-beral amendments to DOLA make law-abiding Ontario residents into second-class citizens, abrogating their Charter rights when they have done no wrong.

2. There were well over 300 people at the rally, not the 100 reported by the same lame-ass, brain-damaged media.

3. Three Liberal MPPs voted in favour of Bill 16, not the two reported by the same lame-ass, brain-damaged media that haven't in all these years bothered to read and understand DOLA.

Politicians. Journalists. Manure piles.
Manure piles are useful.
Most politicians and journalists are not.*

*I'm exempting those MPPs who voted in favour of Bill 16. Intelligence is always in fashion.