Sunday, August 9, 2009

BSL is an expression of human need to hate

Quick posting of a half-baked idea that I've had for quite some time....

Too many humans need to hate to survive. It seems bred in the bone, although it may also be a learned reaction.

For centuries, humans have hated and expressed their hatred by killing. Almost always, one side killed the other because the other was different than the haters. Skin colour, religion, nationality, you name it, the difference gave the haters reason to hate and kill.

Now that it's (rightfully) illegal in this country and many others to express hatred by killing the "others", those with the deep-seated need to hate and kill seem to have turned on animals. It was German Shepherds years ago, Dobies, Rotties, now "pit bulls".

Correspondence from pro-BSL people is full of nonsense and emotion, the hatred openly displayed, without a single fact. Political propaganda to promote BSL is the same; it plays on emotion and does not contain a single fact.

Does this mean that anyone who proposes or supports BSL is psychologically damaged? That because they can't kill people to satisfy their warped psyches, their need to hate and destroy, they kill dogs?

Why is hate propaganda against dog owners, an identifiable group, not a crime under Canada's hate law?