Saturday, January 2, 2010

If Toronto Humane Society wants support....

...why do the honchos still have the membership areas of the website disabled?

The membership area of the website has been disabled since at least August 2009.

This is sadly amusing, particularly considering the "show your commitment by becoming a member TODAY!" button that rotates on the site map page...which button is also disabled.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sad way to start a new year.

H/T to KC Dog Blog.

Fay has passed away. This poor, abused, wonderful dog.

Deepest thanks to the people at Mutts & Stuff for caring for Fay and trying to make her life better. She knew love in her last few months. More about Fay on the Pet Connection blog. RIP, little Fay.

Please try to help these animals.

Please look for the lost and terrified, and make people you know in the specified neighbourhoods aware of the lost animals.
Assistance with vet bills is ALWAYS needed by rescues. If you have any Christmas money, a few dollars would help some sad cases.

Bruno is a medium hair Brown Tabby with SHAVED fur on his body. He has hair on his head, tail and paws. He has GREEN EYES VERY TIMID. MAY RUN IF APPROACHED.
Last seen: Saturday, December 12, 2009 at 11:00 a.m. on Caribou Avenue.
Contact Fostering Felines Cat Rescue, call day or night (416)471-5570.

2. LOST DOG (no picture):

(Small bit of blonde on top of head)

3. DOGS NEED OUT OF SHELTER (no pictures):
Please cross post, all these dogs are sitting in a London area shelter and need some help!
In case you can help, please contact Barkin Rescue, teddyacres (at) [delete spaces, substitute @ for (at)]
a) MOST URGENT! Small terrier mix 8-10 lbs. under 1 yr. yorkie-schnauzer? white/blonde in colour. She arrived as a stray just before Christmas, in a horribly scared, physically neglected condition. Luckily she is under a year old still AND has already gained some confidence and improved since being in the shelter. Has injured front left leg, swollen above knee...won't put pressure on it, does not walk on it at all, she holds it up bent at all times. I've given her metacam as I assume it's very sore. She eats well, seems fine with other dogs.Treated for fleas. Alynn had been giving her meds to ease the pain as she had to remain in pound until today. Very nervous, but sweet none the less. Most likely puppy mill dog, red feet, covered in flea dirt, overall poor condition. Acts like she's never been exposed to a thing.
b)Male Shep. Gorgeous, pic does not do him justice,about 5 years. He is calm, well mannered and friendly. Getting incredibly stressed, has been in (over-crowded, some staff off) shelter for awhile...needs out. He does not like other male dogs, but staff says he likes female dogs(I have not witnessed this though). Great dog but does NOT do well with other male dogs. Well behaved, was great with Alynn's kids.
c)Gorgeous very large male yellow lab. about 1-2 years, appears pure. Extra large in size, seems like he's been an outside dog only, as he has no commands. He is very people friendly though and likes other dogs okay. Seems to have NO training, very strong and hard to handle. Will need experienced home.
d) Lovely med sized female husky, red and white, appears pure. Age approx 2-3? She is very well mannered and calm, likes other dogs and very people friendly, well behaved, easy to handle. Came in with the yellow lab as a stray, but not sure they were from the same homes as she has some command training.

Edited from e-mail...
The entire staff was so impressed with this little guy's attitude and temperament...he is obviously in pain, but during the exam he was giving kisses, even after that long ride. They think he is only about 2 years and he is 29 lbs. The injury is due to 'blunt trauma' (car or hit). The SAD news is that had he been to vet within the first 5 days, this dislocated femur could have been popped right back into the hip socket, and he would have been out of pain and fine long-term. But since it has been so long, the ligaments and tendons have adjusted to try to compensate, etc...and an expensive surgery where the 'ball' of the femur has to be cut off, everything repositioned, and some muscle relocated but then we rely on scar tissue to form to make the femur fit and operate well in the hip socket. This means 4 weeks of post-op only on-leash movement (they begin bearing weight in week 2, I think it will then be hard to keep a young beagle calm!) and physio work with him for about 10 min. 4x/day which I am 100% committed to.
Riley's surgery is Wed (plus his neuter). The good news is that he will have no long-term limitations and he will not be prone to arthritis in that joint, these dogs do really well long-term. I'm looking at at least $1500 assuming all goes if anyone has any ideas for raising some funds for him, since you know him, I would appreciate it. I can issue tax receipts and there is a "Canada Helps" button on my home page for easy quick donations (they provide the receipt).
Website: Mature Dog Adoptions
Click on the Canada Helps button (upper right) to make an online donation and receive a tax receipt.

Edited from e-mail...
I will be taking two dogs from Quinte Humane Society that both need surgery. I have been fundraising for the first dog and have raised most of the $1000 needed for his surgery. Now I am trying to raise enough money to also pay for the second's surgery. If anyone can help in any way, it would be greatly appreciated. I will be needing foster homes for each dog post-op until they heal and are ready for adoption. If anyone lives in/near the Quinte area and have room/time please contact me if you would like to be considered as a foster for either dog. (quiet home, no children, experience with special needs)

Bear 6 yo Neutered GSD x
Bear was hit by a car on Dec 16. Bear
has a dislocated hip. Due to being left five days after the accident, he needs surgery to repair the damage. $1,000. Bear is a handsome, loyal, obedient and affectionate dog. His leg is currently tied up so he doesn't cause more damage, but he gets around great on 3. He is a good guard dog, and companion...and loves to cuddle and play with (chew) his toys. He is very curious when other animals come into the shelter. He is currently living in our office and happily greets visitors.

Sophie Adult Female Lhasa x
She was brought to the shelter on Boxing Day, sopping wet with her eye popped out. She was terrified and wanted to bite anyone who tried to go near her. I had to use bite gloves to get hold of Sophie the first pain and scared and trusting no one. It was a short time before she was snuggled in my neck and holding on to me tightly. We have become close pals and I am very concerned about her. I am taking her to the surgeon tomorrow to see what his fee will be (our reg vet said $900 and that surgery is needed immediately.)

I am desperate to help these two wonderful dogs. If you can help in any way, I will be forever grateful and deeply appreciative. Thank you!!!

From the shelter's website:
The Quinte Humane Society will issue TAX RECEIPTS for all charitable donations.
Donations can be made in person or by mail. Cheques to be made payable to: The Quinte Humane Society, 527 Avonlough Road RR#2, Belleville, ON K8N 4Z2.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Just one dog. Just one thing.

I'm sitting here with tears running down my face....

Please watch this video. I have no idea of how to embed video, so I'm linking to One Bark At A Time. H/T to OBAAT for this.