Saturday, September 1, 2012

Kitchener-Waterloo and Vaughan voters, check this out

There are two important by-elections being held on September 6th in Ontario; one in Kitchener-Waterloo and the other in Vaughan.  Votes in these jurisdictions should think and read everything possible before voting.  Here's some food for thought.

Teachers state that they did not intend to strike in September.  McGuinty and the Ontario Liberals are playing a shell game using teachers as the distraction.

McGuinty and the Ontario Liberals are playing another shell game with doctors, using them as another distraction.

McGuinty and the Ontario Liberals are now threatening to go after police officers and firefighters.

Why the shell games?  Because McGuinty & Co. are trying to change the channel, get voters' minds off the bloody mess the Liberals have made of the province.
This is only a partial list of the messes and scandals created by the waste, neglect and spendthrift ways of the Ontario Liberals:

- Broken promises back from 2007

- Going to court to ensure the Fibs can't be held to election promises (that's a biggie, remember that one when a Fib shows up at your door)

- Lack of openness, transparency, governance

- Not one single long-term care home built in nine years.  Wait for LTC stretches for years.

- No clear safety and security for residents in existing LTC homes

- Health tax imposed after promise of "no new taxes"

- Incredible wait times in emergency rooms

- Caledonia, where property owners were abandoned by the Fibs

- GrantGate, millions of taxpayers' dollars flushed without proper application, approval or documentation

- The hundreds, possibly thousands of missing driver’s license blanks that just aren't mentioned anymore

- Severe OHIP cuts

- ORNGE air ambulance scandal

- McGuinty refusing to testify before ORNGE committee 

- Misinformation about cancelling the slot machine arrangement with Ontario racetracks and refusal to face the repercussions for Ontario horse people (property, jobs)

- eHealth


- $190 million of taxpayers' money to buy threatened Fib seats in the fall election by cancelling construction of gas plants (the cost of the cancellation is estimated to go beyond one billion dollars)

- Bonuses to 98% of senior managers in public service


- The "green energy" debacle

- Eco fees
- Soaring energy costs (driving manufacturing out of the province)

- Cancellation of vital Northern Ontario transport and the jobs that go with it

- Over 600,000 people unemployed and no clear and feasible strategy to create jobs

- Downgrades in the province's credit ratings

- Debt that will not be paid off for generations.

Please think carefully before you vote.  McGuinty and the Liberals have made a formerly prosperous province into the North American equivalent of a third-world country.  You hold in your hands the opportunity to make a difference in this province.  I believe the McGuinty Liberals don't deserve your support. 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Walks for Lennox and to pass Bill 16 in Ontario

Because mainstream media won't cover this type of activity, it goes against their political masters' will....

There were very welll-attended walks today in Toronto, Vancouver, St. Catherines, Peterborough, Indiana, all supporting the goal of ending "breed" specific legislation.  There have been similar very well-attended walks in the UK, Wales, Northern Ireland.

Unfounded, unjust, vague, shoddy, ineffective and fiscally irresponsible "breed" specific legislation makes law-abiding dog owners into second-class citizens and kills innocent dogs solely because of their shape. 

Lots of pictures and video coming.....

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Facebook strikes again, as do scumbags trying to profit off Lennox's death

Facebook has incomprehensible rules and standards.  Its minions scour pages erratically and shut down legitimate pages concerning animal rescue and welfare, while leaving "hate" pages and pages glorifying violence against animals and people up and running. 

If this idea bothers you as much as it did me, please look at the petition to Facebook and if you agree, sign the petition.
Facebook isn't winning friends and influencing people with its behaviour lately.  If Mark Zuckerberg wants to keep his money flowing, I suggest that he look at how his social media programming is being run.


Next, onto the parasites trying to profit from the death of Lennox, a dog in Belfast, Northern Ireland unjustly killed by Belfast City Council solely because of the way he looks.  There are products floating around bearing Lennox's name and image.  Lennox's owners have been very clear about these products:

"It has come to light that some people are quite arrogantly trying to cash in in our boy. We have NOT permitted anyone to use Lennoxs name, photo, campaign in order to customize or sell items for profit or charity. Please do not buy any Lennox or I am Lennox items from any CAFEPRESS or internet pages as we have NOT permitted it and cannot assure monies will go to any charities these people claim to donate to. Pls share."
The family has publicly stated that only Ruby Tuesday Collars had family permission for the Save Lennox Wrist Bands with proceeds going to DDA Watch, which has continued with family permission to sell those for Lennox's legacy.

"The Lennox Campaign has not asked for any donation & obviously we all involved directly support the people mentioned in a seperate statement you may see but we havent made a statement as such and we have only asked people to beware of cafepress etc. We are giving the family time & then the fight to end BSL goes on."

So, don't get suckered and line someone's pockets when they're trying to profit profiting off someone else's tragedy.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Monday, bloody Monday

Monday, July 9th will be a worldwide day of mourning for hundreds of thousands of people.

July 9th will be the day on which Lennox, a beloved family dog who had done nothing wrong, will be killed by the City of Belfast, Northern Ireland, solely because of the way he looks.

If you’re not familiar with Lennox’s tragic history, you should review the facts on

People around the world – from the UK, the USA, Canada, Brazil, Serbia and Italy, to name just a few - have joined the fight to save Lennox.

We now know that the UK, Northern Ireland and specifically the City of Belfast City Council are bereft of common sense and compassion.  The Belfast City Council's behaviour has been nothing but arrogance, caprice and malice.

      The Belfast City Council is responsible for: 
  •      Incarcerating and killing an innocent dog due to ignorance, prejudice, arrogance and viciousness;
  • -       Failing to swiftly and openly investigate allegations of perjury by a Belfast city employee in the Lennox court case;
  • -       The abuse and neglect of Lennox, as evidenced by photographs;
  • -       Refusing to allow Lennox to be rehomed out of Belfast;
  • -       Refusing to allow Lennox’s owners a last visit before his death; and, most tellingly,
  • -       Refusing to provide Lennox’s body to the owners for burial.

Belief is building internationally that Lennox is already dead, either due to abuse by the City of Belfast or a rush to kill him to hide the City’s abuse. 

Protests are planned for Belfast, New York City and other locales.  An international boycott of Northern Ireland tourism and products has started and is rapidly gaining momentum.

Why Lennox?  Why have people been compelled to try to save him?

Lennox is the only dog I know, out of the thousands and thousands that have died because of “breed” specific legislation, who has a face.  Has a name.  Had a home.  Has a loving family willing to fight for two years for him, and who took the fight public.  

He is the only face and name we have for the thousands of dead dogs killed by ignorance, prejudice and political machinations.

Lennox has become the face of “breed” specific legislation. 

"Breed" specific legislation is beloved only by the slavering, illiterate, incoherent mob bearing torches – and I include politicians and mainstream media in the mob.

Lennox, God will have mercy on your innocent soul.

But those who killed you and those who killed thousands and thousands of dogs because of ignorance and prejudice – I do not think that God will be so forgiving to them. 


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Am I proud to be a Canadian?

Am I proud to be a Canadian?


I live in a province where the government feels free to make law-abiding people into second-class citizens.

I live in a province where the members of said government refuse to inform themselves and vote accordingly, instead goose-stepping to their leader’s commands, refusing to be informed and vote ethically and honourably.

I live in a province where requests to members of said government to inform themselves and then behave honourably are ignored or replied with spin and handoffs to other members of said government.

I live in a province where the shape of a dog causes said government to kill it, solely because of political ambition and media misinformation.

No, I am not proud to be a Canadian.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The CBC shows its stupidity

Tailspin pretty much covers it all.  The producers of a CBC show, Over The Rainbow, have ineptly and erroneously classified "pit bulls" (a non-existent breed) as "dangerous dogs".  Read Tailspin's response here.

Join the flood of yellow outside the CBC booth at Woofstock in Toronto on June 9th from 9 am onwards with callbacks at 3 pm where they'll be casting for Toto.  Wear a yellow t-shirt, a yellow bandana, join the YELL-ow brigade to let  them know they can't libel law-abiding dog owners and unoffending dogs.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Save your dog - don't come to Ontario, Canada

Summer is coming and people will be traveling to visit family and friends or for pleasure.

Whatever you do, do NOT spend your tourism dollars in Ontario, Canada.  Especially if you own a short-haired dog.

The government admits it.  They'll seize and kill a tourist's dog solely because of the dog's appearance.

Keep your dogs safe.  Don't come to Ontario.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bill 16 - ALL citizens should beware the McGuinty Liberals

UPDATE:  Many Liberal MPPs are ignoring their constituents' requests for meetings.  Nice to know the Liberals represent only some of the citizens in this province, hmmm?

UPDATE:  The Liberals are sending out a canned response recycled from 2005 to requests to call Bill 16 for a third reading.  Even MPP Laurel Broten, who owns a `substantially similar`dog that is NOT exempted from the Bill 132 provisions and does not obey the law she voted for and her party passed.  Can you say `hypocrite`?

UPDATE:  A private citizen took out a full-page ad in a Toronto newspaper castigating McSquinty Corp. for cancelling its slot machine business arrangement (NOT a subsidy) with racing tracks.  Read it here.  This is an angry citizen, angry at 60,000 Ontario jobs being ditched and 30,000+ horses to go to slaughter.  First dogs, now horses, McSquinty Corp. is good at killing.


Chicobandido has done a fabulous, objective timeline with links of the progress of Bill 16, the private members' bill to remove "breed" specific provisions from the Ontario Dog Owners' Liability Act.  Read Chicobandido's take here.

Now, here's my take.

The Ontario Liberals called committee hearings in 2005 but didn't listen.  They called a committee hearing in 2012 and aren't listening.  Why?

Because this was never about the dogs.  This was about the McSquinty Liberals panicking at low public approval ratings and deciding to make people second-class citizens and kill dogs for the equivalent of television show ratings.  This was about a former MPP's not-well-disguised political ambitions.  This was about creating an excuse for warrantless entry and search.  This was never about public safety.  It was all about ego and ulterior motives.

I remember the 2005 committee hearings.  I remember the Liberal committee members showing complete disrespect to and disregard for the honest, naive people who came to testify for their beloved dogs.  I remember the Liberal MPPs playing with their Blackberries during people's testimonies, sniggering at honest people with accents, being completely disrespectful and in fact downright dishonourable since they had no intention of listening, let alone learning.  Those committee "hearings" were all sham and show.

Looks like those Liberal committee members got paid off with lame assignments, really low-level fetch-and-carry stuff in my eyes.  Overpaid Labrador retrievers.  Gee, guys, hope you enjoy your low-level yes-man rewards, earned with blood on your hands. 

And now?

All of the committee members are low-level backbenchers circling the McSquinty inner circle hoping to get in and maybe get a cabinet post.  It's all about perceived power and gaining power.

You'd think that MPPs Dhillon and Coteau in particular would be more sensitive to entrenching profiling and discrimination on the basis of appearance in legislation.  Guess not.

Because they're good little robots, these foot soldiers parrot the party line.  Not a functioning synapse, a spine or a pair on any of them.  Circling the inner sanctum, hoping to break into the inner circle and get up on the ladder.  No matter how many dead dogs they step on in the process.  No matter how many people they harm in the process.  Their ambition is all they care about.

Public safety was never even on their radar.  The Liberal MPPs voted against the very sensible and workable amendments that would have improved public safety vis-a-vis dogs.  UPDATE:  Apparently one of the amendments was originally suggested by the Fibs, they voted down what was basically their own suggestion.  Duh?

Once a good foot soldier, always a good foot soldier (read - foot soldier = cannon fodder).  McSquinty needs cannon fodder that does what it's told.  If you aren't bringing connections, power and money to the table (there's a former high-level MPP who's a prime example of this), you aren't of interest to McSquinty other than as cannon fodder. They'll get paid off with more lame low-level retriever assignments, for which they'll genuflect and accept with their bloody hands.

The female Liberal MPPs are worse.  I expect better of women but they profoundly disappoint me.  Talk about unthinking foot soldiers.  They keep getting sucked in with "soft" portfolios instead of arguing to be one of the power portfolios - Attorney General or Minister of Finance - or wind up taking the fall for the gross mistakes of a previous (male) MPP.  They vote the party line despite the fact that it displays their personal hypocrisy.  They'll stay barefoot and pregnant, politically speaking, under the good Catholic McSquinty and seem oblivious to it.

There are intelligent, honourable Liberal MPPs; Kim Craitor, Grant Crack and Mike Colle.  They're the exception to the goose stepping rule.

So the foot soldiers keep marching along the party line and McSquinty Corp. keeps killing dogs and leaving law-abiding people as second-class citizens.

No honour, no morals, no ethics, no care for constituents.  It's all about power.  To me, the misuse of power.

We are living under a totalitarian regime masquerading as a democracy.

"You assist an evil system most effectively by obeying its orders and decrees. An evil system never deserves such allegiance. Allegiance to it means partaking of the evil. A good person will resist an evil system with his or her whole soul.” - Gandhi

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Toronto Humane Society Election coming up!

The annual meeting of the members of the Toronto Humane Society is on Tuesday, May 29th at 6 p.m. at the Best Western Primrose Hotel at Carlton and Jarvis.

Every member should shortly receive a package including a form of proxy.  If you are a member of the THS and cannot attend the meeting in person, please complete, sign, date and return the form of proxy.  A stamped, addressed envelope is provided for your convenience.

My take on it.....

Please vote for the management-recommended candidates.

Let's keep going onward and upward.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Enough picking my pocket while an MPP goes off to line theirs

So McSquinty is weaseling around to try to get the K-W seat back by giving Elizabeth Witmer a plum post.  Wonder what it pays and what the perks are?

I demand a law requiring any MPP (or MP, for that) to personally pay the cost of a by-election if they leave their seat before the end of their term for reason other than death or dismemberment. Enough of the taxpayers bearing the brunt of a politician skipping out on his or her commitment to constituents.  Why do they run for office if they have no intention of honouring their commitment?

Look at all the by-elections WE the taxpayers paid for when the rats scuttled off McSquinty's sinking ship; Smitherman and Bryant spring to mind, I'm certain others will be named.

Enough of picking my pocket while an MPP toddles off to line theirs.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Toronto Humane Society Open House - Sunday, April 29, 12 - 6

C'mon down to the Toronto Humane Society on Sunday, April 29th from 12 noon to 6 p.m.  

Garage sale, bake sale, loads of fun for everyone and it's free!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Don't believe everything you read in the papers....

...because if you didn't already know or as you may have learned over the past few years with the MSM hyperbole about the McGuinty Liberals' deadly "pit bull" ban, someone pronouncing from a mass media outlet usually has an ulterior motive.

If you want the truth about Toronto Humane Society, read the THS response to Peter Worthington`s inflammatory and inaccurate article in the Toronto Sun. Click on the thumbnail on the left for the THS response.

Organization for the Rescue of Animals certainly was not pleased to be misrepresented in Mr. Worthington`s article. Read the ORA response here, click on the thumbnail on the left for the ORA response.

Mr. Worthington takes every opportunity to take cheap shots at THS and TAS. Now, why is that, do you suppose? I would think that any journalist worth his or her salt would clearly and publicly disclose any previous THS board service and any acquaintance with one or more former THS board members at the beginning of every article mentioning THS so that people can judge the journalist's objectivity and any personal motivation.

THS has done a 180 in the very few last years, thanks to the untiring efforts of the new board who had many obstacles to overcome - not the least, the damage to the Society's reputation caused by the actions of the "old guard" board.

TAS has different stakeholders and while there`s more to be done, it's taking great strides forward in animal care - working with rescue; providing needed veterinary intervention. Read the Pound Dogs story about Cini for information.

Criticizing from an armchair is easy. Doing something meaningful to effect change is hard.

Best of all possible worlds - go for tours of THS and TAS and volunteer with either organization. Inform yourself. Education is proof against ignorance.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bill 16 takes another step forward

Bill 16, the private member's bill to remove "breed" specific legislation from the Ontario Dog Owners' Liability Act (DOLA), took one more step towards being passed when it passed second reading on February 23rd.

Now the things that piss me off.

1. Not one single frigging so-called "journalist" has bothered to read DOLA.
Not one single lame-ass media person has focused on the fact that the McGuinty Lie-beral amendments to DOLA make law-abiding Ontario residents into second-class citizens, abrogating their Charter rights when they have done no wrong.

2. There were well over 300 people at the rally, not the 100 reported by the same lame-ass, brain-damaged media.

3. Three Liberal MPPs voted in favour of Bill 16, not the two reported by the same lame-ass, brain-damaged media that haven't in all these years bothered to read and understand DOLA.

Politicians. Journalists. Manure piles.
Manure piles are useful.
Most politicians and journalists are not.*

*I'm exempting those MPPs who voted in favour of Bill 16. Intelligence is always in fashion.

Monday, February 20, 2012


This was my friend's dog.
This dog was a "pit bull" under Ontario's unfounded, unjust, vague, shoddy and fiscally irresponsible legislation.
Fortunately, she died knowing only love, rather than months to years in a pound cage and murder at the hands of the Ontario Liberals.


What's the deal with Bill 16?

Chicobandido has done a thoughtful analysis of Bill 16 and why it matters....greatly. Read it here.

Come to the rally for Hershey's Bill, a tri-party bill to repeal the breed-specific portions of the Ontario Dog Owners' Liability Act.


To step up for fair and equal treatment for ALL citizens of Ontario, including dog owners

WHEN: Feb 23rd, 2012


(probably on the south lawn)

TIME: Lunch Hour 11:30 – 12:30