Friday, May 23, 2008

Another self-proclaimed dog "expert" yaps

Dr. Stanley Coren is yapping again about Goldens being a model breed...ironic that the Canada Post Safety Officer stated that small dogs are a bigger problem.

As to Golden retrievers being so lovey-dovey....yo, Stanley, have you forgotten this?

I'm tired of self-proclaimed experts...Caveat has a great dissection of Dr. Coren (rhetorical, not vivisection). I'd like to see a dog hanging by its teeth off the a$$ of every self-proclaimed dog expert, since most of them wouldn't recognize dog behaviour until it bit them.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

If you love dogs, DO NOT travel to Nova Scotia or Ohio, USA

The Chronicle Herald in Nova Scotia has written an excellent article about the Nova Scotia provincial government's back-door method of encouraging breed-specific legislation. Read it here.

The dollar talks. Make yours speak for those that can't speak for themselves.

Don't travel to Nova Scotia if this omnibus bill with its buried breed-specific legislation permission passes. And write the provincial premier, Premier Rodney MacDonald, email to premier(at), fax to 902-424-7648, phone 902-424-6600, and let him know that you won't spend a dollar in Nova Scotia while this law stands.

The Ohio State Legislature is looking at something even worse.

They want to seize and kill all "pit bulls", regardless of whether the dog has done anything wrong. Read the bill here.

My God, are they going to beat the dogs to death in the street? What kind of madness is this???


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

More BSL bullshite

Just a few days ago, a friend's leashed dog was savagely mauled by a roaming dog.

The friend could not scare off or beat off the attacking dog, it just kept coming and coming and coming and biting and slashing.

Vet bills for the attacked dog so far are at $400.

Wanna bet the owner of the attacking dog gets a slap on the wrist? Never pays a cent in compensation to my friend?

And we'll never see an article about this attack in the papers?

All because the attacking dog was not a "pit bull".

Great public safety, there, Fiberals.

I sincerely think the world has lost it.

APB. Nova Scotia is sneaking through legislation that allows breed-specific legislation, buried in an omnibus bill, despite a ruling in their own provincial court about constitutionality and impossibility of enforcement. Caveat has the goods.


I'm starting to think that despite our technological advances, or perhaps because of them, humans are getting dumber and dumber.

Jailing animals (read about it here) and condemning animals on the basis of their shape carries the same taint of stupidity and anthropomorphic thinking as the people who hold trials and execute animals for "crimes". The stupidity isn't confined to the Middle Ages, there was a trial in Kentucky in 1926 and a German Shepherd executed in the electric chair.

Don't believe me about animal trials? Read about them it yourself if you want more.

There is the question of whether trying animals for crimes is merely a power play, an attempt to convince the great unwashed masses that the leaders of the time are in control. It also brings up the spectre of "not my fault", the standard human refusal to accept responsibility.

Which, of course, leads to asking why there is recurring hysteria about dog breeds, occurring every couple of decades, and the political gamesmanship involved in implementing breed-specific legislation.

Reminds me of the mob with burning torches chasing the monster.

Skeleton of an idea, more later after I get my life under control again.