Friday, July 18, 2008

Laurel Broten's Garage Mahal settled

Well, well. Laurel Broten, Fiberal MPP and former Environment Minister (aka the "Flick Off Girlie") amnd her husband have scrapped plans to build a Garage Mahal and have to pay half the dissenting neighbour's costs.

Why only half? That sux. Broten and her husband should have paid all of her neighbour's costs, especially since they withdrew their application at the last minute, after the neighbour incurred expenses, and didn't even show up to the Ontario Municipal Board hearing .

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Idiots for daze

Caveat is severely p'd off and with good reason...and so am I. Read it here.

This and past incidents have left me with absolutely no respect for the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council. That organization strikes me as a group designed and operated solely to protect broadcasters (the stations who make the money), not the public. In other words, a sham.
The members of the CBSC should try "bad taste" in the form of being assaulted because of their property, being libelled, slandered, and legislated into second-class citizenship.

Coren's not worth my time, I don't read him or listen to him.

The CBSC should have a duty and an obligation to severely discipline a hate mongerer who spewed slander, and the station that carried the broadcast. Coren's rant was exactly that - ignorant hate mongering against an identifiable group.

Is the CBSC another bunch'a old white guys (women and people of colour who play this game become "old white guys" by default) protecting the status quo?

The middle initials of the Council's acronym seem quite appropriate.

The last few years have taught me some valuable lessons....

Politicians are all about optics.
Mainstream media is all about profit, and not in the least about truth.
Anyone even remotely associated with mainstream media is suspect.
You can trust your dog, and almost no one else.

Support Banned Aid.
It's starting to feel like the last gasp of truth.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

What breed is next to be banned?

The ban-crazed McGuinty government was warned that their "pit bull" ban wouldn't work, that the irresponsible and criminal dog owners who are the problem would just switch breeds.

Jim Wilson, an Ontario MPP, wrote a good piece about the McGuinty government's reliance on the optics of "ban" legislation. Read it on Wag the Dog.

Anecdotally, I see that west Lakeshore and west of downtown Toronto is now littered with German Shepherd-type dogs...geez, Mikey Bryant's family breed. Can't wait to see the bite reports over the summer.

An animal hospital in London, Ontario had 2 -8 week old flashy flashy brindle female boxer puppies taken from behind the clinic. These are purebred pups, tattoo numbers A2K 8T and A2K 11T. Police have been called. If you know anything about where these pups are, please leave a comment with your contact info and I'll pass it to the owner.

All the responsible "pit bull" owners are struggling with their dogs, muzzled in the staggering heat and humidity of a Toronto summer, while those with dogs who can and do bite go merrily and unimpeded on their way.

It's the owner, stupid, not the dog.

Perhaps you can't teach any Liberal a new trick, regardless of age?

In the news this week...

Good weekly roundup on KC Dog Blog. As Brent points out, there were 16 "breeds" represented in the media this, where are the hysterical cries to ban those dogs? Where's a mob with torches when there are 16 Frankensteins to choose from?

Caveat mentions the study showing that daschunds are the most aggressive dogs. Yes, any animal that goes into a hole with only one exit, after a badger or other animal fighting for its survival, is going to be tough, tenacious and pretty hard-core on the biting end. There are some holes in the study....small sample size, anecdotal....but the headline makes me laugh.

The new OSPCA Act being pushed by the flailing Ontario Liberals is a piece of shite. People should be very afraid of the McGuinty government for its constant legislated reduction of Charter rights and this proposal to grant police powers to an unmonitored, unsupervised and unaccountable group of people. Caveat has the goods. Write on paper (not e-mails, too easily filtered and dumped) to your MPP protesting this expansion of OSPCA powers without accountability, and the poor wording and vagueness of the proposed legislation.

This really smells like the AR freaks, who want to end pet ownership. What better way than to have a crappy, vague piece of legislation that allows pet seizure? The McGuinty crowd banned "pit bulls", a favourite target of the AR every animal owner is in their sights.

Speaking of AR loopies, I see on the news that Alec Baldwin, one of those American actors, wants New York carriage horses banned. Alec, what do you plan to do with those horses once they're no longer working? Hand them to your kill-happy buddies at PETA?

I bet'cha dollars to doughnuts that Alec isn't going to put a cent into a retirement farm for them ...which is what the horses deserve, but PETA and HSUS sure as shootin' won't put a cent of their millions into one. IMHO Baldwin is a media-hungry celebrity (like Pam "Chemical Woman" Anderson), who has given absolutely no thought to the animals' welfare if their current situation is changed.

I despise self-obsessed morons.