Sunday, December 25, 2011

Santa, didn't you hear me last time?

A rerun from sad that nothing has changed.


Dear Santa:

I haven’t asked you for anything in a long while because I have so much.

Well, I have a BIG list this year.

I want all Ontario dog owners to be full citizens again. Not the second-class citizenship slapped onto dog owners of all breeds by the Ontario McGuinty Liberals, but full citizenship as guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. I want every dog owner to be free of fear of malicious persecution. I want every dog owner to be free of the fear that their dog will be seized and killed just because of its shape.

I want people to stop judging dogs and their owners by the shape of the dog. Judge by deed, not by breed.

I want government officials to properly and responsibly inform themselves, rather than relying on media reports and people with hidden agendas.

I want government officials to stop exercising their ambition on the backs of responsible dog owners and dead dogs.

I want the courts to take dog attacks seriously and impose severe penalties, because the owners must take responsibility for their dogs. Breed is irrelevant.

I want journalists to ignore their masters’ call for “more content, dammit, there must be more content!” and instead take the time to properly research their subject and educate the public.

I want dog and cat and ferret and rabbit and anyotheranimalorbird owners to WAKE UP to the fact that pet ownership is under siege. I want them to get involved, rather than sticking their heads in the sand (or snow).

I want people to spay/neuter their pet animals, because there’s no reason to breed while animals die in shelters and pounds. Breeding for money or through negligence (aka irresponsible ownership) is no way to ensure a loving forever home for the animal, and backyard breeding is no way to bring animals into this world.

I want twits who buy puppies and kittens from pet stores, to stop. I want the pet stores to stop selling puppies and kittens. Breeding for money is no way to ensure a loving forever home for the animal, and puppy and kitten milling is an abusive and criminal way to bring animals into this world.

I want all animals in shelters to find loving forever homes, with love, companionship, food, water, warmth and medical care for the rest of their lives.

I want animal welfare to be in the forefront of the news next year. Not animal rights, and puh-leese not Alec Baldwin or any other celebredope. If we are the advanced species we claim to be, we should be responsible for and act responsibly to improve the care and wellbeing of the other animals on the planet.

I want all dog owners who leave dogs out 365/24/7 to spend a few nights on the cold ground with no companionship, chained up and unable to move freely, sometimes without water and food. Let’s see how those owners like it when the tables are turned.

I want people who fight dogs to be put in the pits themselves, to fight to the death with bare hands. It could only improve the gene pool.

I want people who maliciously hurt animals to receive the same treatment, right down to death. Eye for an eye works for me.

I want people to stop thinking their cats should “roam free”. Give me their addresses, so I can drop their dead cat’s body on their doorstep when it’s been hit by a car, killed by another animal (including a sub-human), or died from disease.

I want the human species to get two brain cells, rub them together and start thinking. If we don’t, we are not what we claim to be.

Think you can fit that in the sleigh, Santa?

Regards, Social Mange