Sunday, July 6, 2008


Been busy.....

As always, good stuff on Caveat and KC Dog Blog. My condolences to Harv's owner on his passing, but there are wonderful photos of her current dogs on her blog.

I'm starting a personal campaign to ban rubber flip-flops from city streets. The darn things make me look at an endless parade of ugly, ill-kempt feet, and people don't seem to realize how annoying the "slap" sound is. People may think these are casual wear, but all these "shoes" do is tell me that these people don't know how to dress themselves appropriately. Flip-flops are for the beach or your patio, not city streets. BAN THE FLIP-FLOP! Dammit, where are Dalton and Mikey when you really need them?

The City of Toronto is doing a door-to-door campaign to get pet owners to license. Now, they might get a better response from people if the money actually went to animal services - fencing leash-free parks, providing low-cost spay/neuter - instead of going into the general coffers to be squandered by the City's current spendthrift mayor and council. Show us what our money buys, and you might be surprised.

More later. Must run.

Before there are no more.