Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Help return Kapone to his family, safe and sound, from the hell that is Memphis, TN

UPDATE: Check YesBiscuit! for the latest out of Memphis. Memphis Animal Control officer arrested on charges of animal cruelty, Mayor and Councillors of Memphis missing in action, shelter manager seems to still be on vacation.

The reward for Kapone's safe return is up to $6,000.


Many, many thanks to YesBiscuit! for covering the ongoing shmozzle that is the Memphis Animal "services" and how the Memphis animal "services" somehow makes a full-grown dog "disappear".

Read about it here, and here, and here.

Read all of YesBiscuit's posts about the Memphis Animal "Services". This is disgusting, and the lack of response from City Hall says it all about how much the Memphis administration cares about the weakest, most defenseless among us. In fact, the City of Memphis responded not with immediate improvements to their animal "shelter" and "services" but with a sabre-rattling letter aimed at YesBiscuit. Does that sound like a rational, intelligent response to criticism?

Not to me, it don't.