Thursday, September 3, 2009

Deja vu all over again

Brilliant post at One Bark At A Time about the Bryant spin cycle.

Spin cycle like a (white)wash, not the cycle Bryant "allegedly" bashed into, thereby starting the events that led to Darcy Allan Sheppard's death.

For me, no amount of spinning is ever going to make Bryant's hands clean.

Update: Take the Michael Bryant Legal Ethics Test on YouTube. H/T to Wag The Dog. Update - the video has been removed from YouTube. Tou bad.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Michael Bryant charged in bicyclist's death

There's not much I can say but....

Michael Bryant's children saw their father come home tonight.

Darcy Allan Sheppard's children will never see their father again.

Let us hope that at the end of the day, Mr. Sheppard's fatherless children, his family and his friends feel that justice was well-served.

Bryant's expensive PR handlers must be working 24/7. Too bad Mr. Bryant's favourite tool, reverse onus, won't be used against him.

It is repellant that the mediocre media are trashing the reputation of a dead man who cannot defend himself. For what, to what end, what do they hope to accomplish? Is the dead man on trial? In the media, he certainly is.

This is all so wrong, there is no way to make it right.

Nice post on Dogs in it here.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dis 'n dat

Want to do the HST tapdance? Mark my words - after the HST has been in place a year, McSquinty and the Ontario Fiberals will claim a balanced budget. Those of us who are single and work hard will get screwed yet again. And we won't even get supper first.

According to a tiny piece in the August 22nd, 2009 print version of the Toronto Star, the Toronto Humane Society has said that it has overturned its decision to deny membership to six critics the THS had accused of acting against its interests, and those critics can now vote and speak at the September 30th annual meeting.

YO, THS. How about all the other people who received rejection letters? How about all the people who applied for membership before August 17th and haven't heard from THS?

Thoughts for action:

1. Were you one of the “6 critics”?

If so, were you aware that your membership application WILL now be accepted?

Have you been advised of such?

2. If you were NOT one of the above mentioned “6 critics”, did you also receive a notice of rejection to your application to be a THS member?

3. If you did receive a “rejection letter”, have you since been advised that your application WILL now be accepted?

If you have NOT received a follow up notice saying you have now been accepted, consider taking action below.

The THS put on their website that as of August 17 they would not be issuing memberships until after the September 30 annual meeting. Did you apply for your membership well in advance of August 17 and yet have heard nothing yet?

If yes, then take action.


a) Contact Daniel Dale, the Toronto Star reporter who wrote the August 19th article. Refer to his article and advise him of your situation.


b) Contact each of the THS Board members in writing. Use snail mail or fax, do NOT e-mail. Politely question why your application was rejected/ignored (since all membership applications reportedly go to the Board for consideration) while the ones that were mentioned in the Toronto Star article have now been “accepted”.

c) Fax a polite letter to the following contact details, refer to the August 22nd Toronto Star article and question why your application has been ignored/rejected.

Toronto Humane Society
Attention: Mr. T. Trow
Fax: 416-392-9978

Please keep good records of your follow up and any response(s).

I am baffled as to why Toronto Humane Society thinks that rejecting people who are obviously interested in the Society's operations constitutes good governance.

Note to the Toronto Star - you want hits on your web pages? Put anything about THS online.