Saturday, January 12, 2008

Back to our irregularly scheduled programming...

Zak George has put wonderful videos on YouTube, see it here. Please subscribe to Zak's site, he's donating all money earned from his share of the YouTube partner program to promote the cause of animal rescue.

Check out the update on Barking Mad from Bandit, the latest Ontario "banned breed" dog that was scheduled to die, but is now going to WA state to see if he has what it takes to become a Law Dog. Neville is another "banned breed" dog destined to die in Ontario, who was shipped out and is now a Law Dog in WA State. Please support LawDogs so they can continue their fabulous programs.

Please contribute to the Legal Challenge Fund so that Banned Aid can continue its efforts to restore Charter rights to all dog owners.

You know you're getting old when....

...your latest purchase, and you're over the moon about it, is a new design of cat litter box. Not a pair of stiletto pumps. Which you can't wear anyway because of arthritic feet. don't make it to midnight on New Year's Eve. Which you spend at home. want pizza but have salad. Without dressing.
...the idea of going on a date is just too tiring to bother.'re clipping cents-off coupons for incontinence products. And using them.
...a friend in the 60 year range dies, and you're saddened because they died so young.

In the moment. Best to live in the moment. Not yesterday, not tomorrow, be in today and enjoy your life. It's finite.

Addendum: For those who asked about the litter box, I got it at Ren's Pet Depot in Oakville, ON. It's what I would call a one-cat box, I'd get one per cat. There's a catch tray under the grid where litter will fall if the cat walks out (unfortunately, mine all jump out), and a scoop stored in the catch tray. The cats still track litter out despite the little grid walkway in the front (hence my acquisition of a Dustbuster Kone hand vaccuum as well), but the swing-up door makes cleaning a breeze. I'm really tired of litter boxes where the lid must be removed for proper cleaning, especially with multiple boxes, the front hinged lid is an excellent idea.

Here's the picture from the Ren's online catalogue, it's the IRIS Litter Box SN-530 Swing Door & Mat, code 9301322.

Peta kills, from 2003

In the course of discussing the Peta kill rate with people, which I hope will dramatically adversely affect their donations ($26 million in 2006, according to its income filing with the State of Virginia), I looked up three articles from 2003 that set me on the course of researching Peta and turning my back on it. Here are the links, I'm too lazy today to make them pretty click-throughs. Just cut 'n paste them into your browser.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Peta's kill rate almost 100%

Check it out, as filed with the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

Peta took in 3,043 owner-surrendered animals and killed 2,981 of them. Gee, that's really humane of Peta, killing almost 100% of the animals given into its care. The stats aren't much better for wildlife - no specifics on the total number taken in, but Peta killed 248 wild animals while releasing or relocating only one.

I wonder if these numbers include any more animals obtained by Peta employees by lying to veterinarians and shelters, then killed and their bodies dumped. Or are those numbers off the books?

Give your money to a reputable animal rescue or support your local humane society. Keep your money away from Peta's needle fund.