Thursday, May 29, 2008

Yet more hysteria and stupidity

Leola, South Dakota in the US has banned German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Pit Bulls, Bull Mastiffs and Doberman Pinchers.

The net is spreading, folks. Those of you who sat complacently on the sidelines thinking you were're not.

British Columbia is starting to heat up. One overheated BC newspaper writer thinks that four dog incidents makes a "rash sweeping the province". Well, hell, see your doctor for some cream. Do four break and enters across the province make a crime wave?

Heads up, BCers. The a$$holes are looking in your direction. To quote a very smart friend of mine:

"...this is following the classic media pattern for building up to breed banning.

Single incident, followed by another a week or two later, followed by a bunch in a row, focusing primarily on one or two breeds, building up to an "epidemic of breed X attacks".

Editorials saying that this is reaching crisis proportions and politicians need to "do something".

Radio call-in shows with the majority of the broadcasted callers being in favour of breed banning.

"Off-the-cuff" questions in front of the government buildings asking the minister(s) what is going to be done.

Question-period type assaults by the opposition parties on the government asking the same thing.

Government finally says OK we need to look at this and, bingo, the political and legal process begins."


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Your blonde is showing, Mayor David Miller

Because he has neither any idea nor the political will to deal with the gangs and guns problem in Toronto, Mayor David Miller has pulled yet another "ban" idea out of his......

However, the responsible gun owners are angry and fighting back. They're circulating Miller's asinine idea throughout Canada and the U.S. (which means the world, thanks to the Internet), to damage Toronto's tourism. They have one site for their association and another called Toronto the Bad.

This latest whim of Miller's will probably seriously damage Toronto's tourism industry, at a time when it's already on the ropes and high gasoline prices will prevent or redirect tourists in autos. DUH.

I'd been toying with the idea of joining a range and learning to shoot - I'd really like to learn how to clean a gun, and make ammunition - and Miller's lamebrained idea will speed up the process.

Meanwhile, Ontario has banned the display of legal tobacco products and is kicking around banning use of cell phones and text devices while driving.

How many bloody useless, optics-only laws do we not need? Are the provincial government and Toronto's city council colluding on how best to strip responsible people of all rights? First the province kills dogs for no good reason other than political ambition and optics to shore up their low approval rating...the province kicks around banning sushi, SUVs and church the City of Toronto wants to stop a sport that is an Olympic event?

Is Toronto still handing out clean needles to junkies? Ottawa providing safe injection sites? Hmm, city councillors, where do you think junkies get money for their drugs? Yes, doofuses, they commit crimes. Why is Toronto supporting those with a habit that is maintained by criminal acts - the buying and selling of the drugs, and stealing (B&Es, muggings) to provide money for the drugs?

Is it time to move to a province and a city with some common sense?