Saturday, May 23, 2009


According to a story today in the Toronto Star, Michael Bryant is leaving provincial politics to work for the City of Toronto.

Let me caffeinate myself, sort my thoughts and find out what I really think of this move.

Once Bryant is a private citizen, I can't rag on him anymore. What a shame. Best, and easiest, targat I've had in my life.First thoughts.

1. Who represents Bryant's riding now? Will the taxpayers be stuck with yet another bill for a by-election? I say we give the bill to the resigning MPP (or MP), since their failure to fulfill their employment contract caused the expense to the taxpayers.

2. The Toronto Star article has a lot of "sources" and conjectures. One of which is that Bryant will run for head of the Fibs and potentially Premier. Say it ain't so. The thought of Bryant as Premier makes me physically sick. Bryant has to me proven that his political ambition overrides protecting the Charter rights of law-abiding people and that he will legislate them into second-class citizenship if it serves his purpose.

3. I'll never vote for someone who legislated law-abiding people into second-class citizenship, and killed unoffending dogs just because of their shape. That's Bryant, McGuinty and the rest of the sitting Fibs.

4. What qualifications does Bryant have to be leading Toronto's economic development? Is he experienced in finance, business development, marketing? Has he worked in any business other than a law firm? How does he deserve this big-time job with Toronto? If you read his comments to the Canadian Club, you should be flailing in your seat - with laughter or horror, I'm not sure.

5. Is Bryant booking for the door before the challenge of his "pit bull" ban hits the Supreme Court? I am SO hoping that the justices of the Supreme Court see this law for what it is - legislating people into second-class citizenship based on their property, not on behaviour - and throw it into the trash. Do you think perhaps that Bryant doesn't want to be taking the heat when his "pit bull" ban bursts into flames? Bet he and the Fibs were and continue to be surprised at the organized and ongoing "little people" opposition to this particular piece of $@!!.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Dis 'n dat

I'm cheating, aggregating instead of writing......

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