Friday, May 25, 2007

Random thought

You may have noticed that my blog entries tend to be short. Time constraints prevent me from fully developing and/or expressing my ideas...but hey, if you're reading this blog you're smart, you'll figure it out. This is another one of my half-baked notions that I don't have time to let rise.

Global convergence is partially, possibly mostly responsible for many of the problems in getting intelligent and balanced media coverage of an issue. Too many media outlets are controlled by too few masters. The day of the headstrong editor controlling the beliefs of a publication and directing the staff has disappeared. Jonah J. Jameson has become a myth. The press (including tv, radio and web reports) are so busy feeding the monster that is public appetite, true journalism has all but disappeared. Infotainment is the dumbing down of journalism to the lowest common denominator (why else do people know more about moronic celebrities than about their governments), and is partially responsible (along with the "no child must fail" garbage that schools are shovelling) for the reduced intelligence level of the average citizen.

More later.

PETA being investigated by DEA

The Center for Consumer Freedom has a thought-provoking piece on the DEA's interest in PETA's use of controlled and restricted drugs without any license or registration, to kill tens of thousands of animals.

Read about it here.

And to all the brainwashed Peta freeks who will go blah de blah....the Center for Consumer Freedom doesn't lie about what it is or its agenda. It doesn't use puppies and kittens in its advertising to suck money out of people, and then kill tens of thousands of adoptable animals. It doesn't want to take away your right to have a pet.

In other words, you duped dopes - get outta my face before I slap you silly with a raw steak.

Will Remedy hearing be on the 'net?

According to the Toronto Sun, "Ontario Attorney General Michael Bryant says some court proceedings will soon be webcast and archived online for 90 days. Bryant says webcasting court cases and providing copies to the media on DVD will increase the openness of the justice system."

Now, will the remedy hearing on June 28th be on the 'net? Hope so, and hope I can get a DVD of it. From what I've been told about the hearings way back when, the government's case was as flimsy as wet tissue and counsel for the legal challenge knew things about the government's witnesses that the government didn't know. Embarrassing for the government, no?

Yup, yup, yup, sign me up for a DVD of the remedy hearings. Just like the tape where Bryant couldn't identify an American Pit Bull Terrier in a series of photos of purebred dogs, this one will be a keeper.

Another piece of feel-good, do-nothing legislation?

Nice. Dalton McGuinty is using the death of a child to grab some photo ops and sound bites for more of his government's useless legislation, read all about it.

Obviously Dalton, Michael Bryant and David Miller either haven't cottoned on yet or choose to ignore to the fact that legislation affects only law abiding citizens. Criminals by definition do not obey laws. And "ban" legislation only removes personal freedoms from law-abiding citizens.

Canada already has adequate gun control legislation. What we need are the extra police officers the Fibs promised ages ago. Where are those officers? Floating in the ether, held up there by all the hot air coming out of Queen's Park?

The longer I live under the McGuinty regime, the more I feel like I'm down the rabbit hole.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

URGENT - DOLA remedy hearing June 28, 2007. Be there.

Be there. Take a vacation day and be there. Take a plane, a train, a bus, bicycle, walk, however, just be there. This hearing is extremely important. This is our last shot at the Ontario legal challenge of the Fiberals' amendments to the Ontario Dog Owners' Liability Act - the culmination of several years of blood, sweat and tears.

As I understand it, the arguments will be about how to implement the judge's decision on the challenge of DOLA. The judge must decide the best course of action now that the law has been substantially eroded.

Be there. Let the Ontario Liberals know that you will not accept the erosion of Canadian charter rights, the legislated second-class citizenship of law-abiding people, and the extermination of unoffending dogs.

Date: Thursday, June 28, 2007
Place: To be confirmed - either 361 or 393 University Avenue, Toronto
Time: 10:00 am
Once the room number has been confirmed, there will be a further post.

Ontario's A-G wins award for making public information almost impossible to get

Read all about it....wish I could go to the "town hall" portion of the meeting and ask why the A-G's office sent out that BS letter refusing to provide the costs of passing Bill 132 (read about that on chico bandido). "Privacy" my bee-hind. If you aggregate the numbers of the fees and costs paid to individuals, there's no privacy concern. "Solicitor-client privilege"? As a taxpayer who's footing the bill, I'm not entitled to know how much money the government wasted?

Seems to me like the McGuinty government is determined to hide the truth from taxpayers, and not just about Bill 132. And that's a frightening thought.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

List Of 75 Banned Or Restricted Breeds (in the US) - Is Your Dog On The List?

Thanks to DogPolitics for sharing this information...75 breeds banned or restricted in the US. Read the list.

Nuttin' to say after these two...

...except a huge "thank you" to Kevin Hench for saying what I was too angry to even articulate.

These articles speak for themselves. ^5 to chico bandido for the tip.

Portis defends Vick, dog fighting

Kevin Hench: Portis' bark deserves a bite in the bum

Addendum - another Mensa candidate sounds off on the propriety of dogfighting....if anyone buys an NFL ticket after this, they're as stupid as these players sound. Portis is trying to backtrack on his comments....don't let him.

More messiness in Mass.

This article mentions Ontario's BS-L and the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General, but not that Ontario Attorney General Michael Bryant was unable to identify the American Pit Bull Terrier in a series of pictures of purebred dogs.

It also doesn't mention that Ontario's law was challenged on a constitutional basis spearheaded by the Banned Aid Coalition, nor that the judge has issued her decision on the constitutional challenge and as I understand it (I'm not a lawyer), the judge threw out the generic term "pit bull" and also threw out the "reverse onus" provision as a violation of Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

As I see it, this decision blew a rather large hole in Ontario's "pit bull" ban and is only one of the successful challenges of breed specific legislation.

Eletta Purdy's remarks about the number of bites seeming to go down should be tempered by the fact that it has been cold in Toronto until now, and dogs are not out in the cold as much as in warmer weather. Dog bite numbers always drop in the colder weather. That has nothing to do with the law.

Massachusetts State Rep Vincent Pedone sounds to me like he's yet another ambitious politician looking to make his rep on the backs and rights of responsible dog owners and dead dogs. Charming. Apparently he's been asking people if they'd rather be bitten by a "pit bull" or a fox terrier. Sounds like Pedone is copping his playlist from the Ontario committee hearings, I remember a twitty question like that. Pedone would do much better if he paid attention to the evidence presented at those hearings, since it will eventually bite him in his sensitive parts if he doesn't.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Want a DNA test with your candy bar?

How strange. Mars, the candy maker, is branching out into veterinary science. They claim to have a test that identifies breeds in a mixed breed dog….much like MMI Genomics.

My question is, what happens if an owner finds out that their dog has an “unacceptable” breed in its mix? Will the owner abandon a loving, faithful companion because its genes are wrong?

Personally, I like the conclusion reached by John Woestendiek of the Baltimore Sun…

“Nothing solely defines you, except maybe your soul.
Black dog, white dog, brown dog, yellow dog, big dog, small dog, purebred, mixed breed, it just doesn't make all that much difference.
As long as you're a good dog.”