Thursday, November 17, 2011

Readings for the strong of heart

YesBiscuit has the Rotary Club report on Memphis Animal Services, and it's ugly.

Dogs being sold out the back door for fighting, "supplies" (probably drugs) being sold out the back door, truly inhumane practices, management attempting to cover its fat, lazy butts by having the webcams (public scrutiny)'s appalling.

Tennessee is ranking very low on my estimation of the percentage of human genes in its population.


Beyond the Myth was a smash. Brindle Stick has the details.

Brindle Stick also has a link to a great article on breed-specific legislation in Cottage Dog magazine authored by Selma Mulvey.


A couple has been sentenced to jail time for animal cruelty and a ten-year ban on owning an animal. Thank heavens, and bless the judge who imposed the sentence. This is a huge step forward in law vis-a-vis animal welfare.


Good reading on the Ninth Life Cat Rescue blog. Had to laugh about some of the incidents that happen when one is in rescue/volunteering.

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