Saturday, March 12, 2011

People and animals in Japan

Further update: And a hat tip to Pound Dogs again. Those of you who saw the video of one dog protecting an injured dog in Japan...they've both been rescued. Made my saggy old face all soggy with tears. Check out the post Loyalty on Pound Dogs for more.

Update: The Globe and Mail has an array of photos of the devastation here and here. Look at photo 11 (well, it's photo 11 today, it was 8 yesterday) in the second set.


The horrifying quake and tsunami in Japan have devastated huge areas of that nation, and left people and animals dead, injured, homeless....what can one person do to help?

There's the Red Cross, which to my mind is always the first organization in to help. There's a dedicated tsunami page here.

For the animals, there's World Vets.

Also for the animals, there's Animal Rescue Kansai.

Donate if you can.

Just writing this makes me want to cry...I can't imagine wandering lost in the rubble, everything you knew and loved gone forever, whether animal or human. Pound Dogs has a post that touches on this.

Hat tip to Pet Connection blog for the info.

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