Saturday, February 6, 2010

Great turnout for BramHell protest!!!

Update: Welcome to all the visitors from around the world, from as far as Africa!!!

Update: The protest made the front page of the Brampton Guardian on February 7th, and a fuller article in the paper. Made the Toronto Sun with a video as well.

See and hear the video here....terrific turnout for a freezing cold day, the people stayed for hours. Many families who lost their dogs to BramHell's AC came to the protest and talked to the organizers. So many people have been hurt by this law and so many unoffending dogs killed, all for some wankers' political ambition.

Brampton taxpayers should be asking hard questions about why private security was hired and at what cost to "protect" the Brampton Animal Control office from peaceful protestors. Isn't there an "idling" law that should have stopped those private security people from sitting in their cars with the engines running for hours? How many animal adoptions were lost because Brampton Animal Control decided to close until noon and have its driveway blocked by private security? Does BramHell even adopt out animals, or just kill 'em all?

Mariam Mesbah, the Brampton mouthpiece, said it was for the safety of potential visitors....lady, how are "potential visitors" supposed to get in when the driveway is blocked and the shelter is closed? Respect the legislation? How can one "respect" legislation OR a city administration that rips unoffending dogs from loving homes and puts them to death???? Talk about suck and blow. The resolution is simple. Give the dogs back to their owners. Then apologize to the owners of all the other dogs BramHell has killed, and pay them restitution.

I find it interesting that Brampton keeps referencing the provincial breed-specific legislation, when Brampton has its own breed-specific legislation. It's buried in Dog By-law 250-2005.

Ignorance is curable, stupidity is not. Let's see which the city administration of Brampton proves itself to be. The McGuinty government has already proven its stripes.

Sounds like BramHell has some much bigger issues than unoffending dogs - like the huge waste of taxpayers' dollars. Check out the Toronto Sun article on the protest.

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Anonymous said...

thankyou for covering the protest for those of us who couldn`t be there. Looks like a good turnout too.
BSL is wrong. The government knows it.
Why cant they just stike the law, save us some tax money and get it done so we can go back to being normal dog owners again? I sit in fear every day that someone will complain about my little girl, who`s done nothing wrong either, they will kick in my door and take her .
She doesnt get out much these days so neither do I, unless its in the van. We have got to keep fighting.Somehow.