Thursday, February 25, 2010

More bullshite in Brampton

The City of Brampton has hired outside counsel to persecute dog owners and kill innocent dogs. Read about it in the Brampton Guardian, and weep.

Brampton lawyers should be offended that Brampton hired a Toronto law firm.
What is Barnet Kussner's hourly rate?

Based on the statement from the Ontario Attorney General's office, Brampton's case against Mrs. Gaspar and Mr. Branco should be thrown out and I sincerely hope that the judge gives Brampton counsel an earful.

Brampton taxpayers should be enraged and kick every sitting member of City Council including the Mayor to the curb in the upcoming election. This vindictive affair has wasted hundreds of thousands of Brampton tax what end?

The dogs had done nothing wrong, committed no offence, there were no complaints against them.

Brampton City Council is totally ineffective, obviously unable to control Animal Services. Does the local dog catcher run this so-called city?

To steal Caveat's idea, I hereby name the City of Brampton as a Tin Pot Town.

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Unknown said...

I've been keeping track of this senseless abuse of power and I am left with nothing but contempt for the "officer" and city hall. There is absolutely no reason why city hall should take it upon themselves to waste tax payer's money so blatantly. Because of this waste the city will either cancel a project like a children's park being updated or most likely increase property taxes. I am also surprised that the people who live there have not revolted. I would expect more people to be outraged and do something to stop this abuse. The residents of Brampton need to get involved and show how disappointed they are with their council and take part by writing, faxing, e-mailing city hall and in picketing, advertising and informing everybody they know about their spineless mayor Susan Fennell. She has the power to stop this but would rather spend your hard earned money on expensive lawyers just to save face.