Sunday, September 6, 2009

Navigator's purple kool-aid and Bryant's legacy of death

My friend Caveat has a great post about the spin cycle Navigator has been running for the past week on Michael Bryant. One Bark At A Time also hit on some interesting parallels to the Liberals' "pit bull" ban bullshite that ran in 04-05. The Toronto Star had the article about Navigator running Bryant's defense on Saturday; too bad it's fallen to an interior webpage. Too bad there's also a bit of spin in it. The stuff that the media has been running this week is so much sweetness and light, I've gone into insulin shock.

Yo, Navigator, I guess your hope to stay out of the story is blown. Now I and many others can wonder (correction - know) whether the words we see and hear are true, or spin. A few of the dim sheeple may have swallowed the purple kool-aid but intelligent, thinking people are throwing it right back up on the spin.

One example is the leaked resignation letter to the City. IMHO, Bryant need not have resigned his job; the leaked resignation was to implant the notion of "innocence" in the minds of the sheeple.

Another is the deliberate desecration of a dead man's reputation. Necrophilia. If the late Mr. Sheppard had as many outstanding warrants as the mediocre media reported, would those warrants not have turned up on a CPIC during the earlier part of the evening when the police supposedly dealt with him? If those outstanding warrants exist and were turned up on CPIC, would the police not have taken Mr. Sheppard into custody?

Ya gotta admire Navigator for their ability to manipulate the masses. Bet they're really, really expensive. If you have to ask, you can't afford it.

Speaking of innocence....go to YouTube and search for honestedits.

Which makes me wonder...was Navigator on the Fibs' payroll in 04-05, when we couldn't get a single fact published to counter the Ontario Liberals' bullshite about dogs? When the media published Liberal press releases verbatim and never, ever asked for a fact to back up the Liberals' claims? When we couldn't get the media (aka Liberal butt barnacles) to listen to and print the simple facts that law-abiding people were being legislated into second-class citizenship and dogs would be killed solely because of their shape?

Bryant's legacy of death in Ontario continues. Wag The Dog has picked up a story about two puppies in Sarnia that will be euthanized solely because of their shape - one seized from the owner's hands, neither of which had done anything wrong. Mayor Bradley of Sarnia has obviously swallowed the Liberal swill. This unjust, unfounded, vague, shoddy and fiscally irresponsible legislation need not be enforced. It can be ignored. If you're intelligent and rational, that is. If you're unintelligent and irrational, "pit bulls" are the enemy. Death to the puppies, eh, Mikey?

Dead dogs and puppies, now a dead man, and the same guided media spin on it all. Disgusting.

The only "inherently vicious", "ticking time bomb" animal is an ambitious politician....or a politician on the ropes.

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Caveat said...

Fantastic post, Soche! And thanks for the link.

I, too, was wondering whether the witch-doctors at Navigator were behind the media shutout in 2004-05 - one that continues to this day, by the way. It would explain a lot of things that still don't make sense with respect to coverage of the 'pit bull' (ha ha) ban.

Example: After our first round in court, media were trumpeting Bryant's bull about how only redundant language was changed. Not one media outlet in Ontario published the fact that Section 19 (the Gitmo-style identification part) was struck in its entirety as violating the Charter right to trial fairness - even when they were sent the decision by me, with the pertinent points excerpted for their ultra-short attention spans.

And there are numerous other examples of lies that were corrected multiple times - 'locking jaws', 'bred to fight', 'responsible for the most bites/attacks/fatalities', and on and on.

It probably WAS a PR group which will prostitute itself for money, the way the Fiberals prostituted their principles for power.

Makes me sick.